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  1. My anti-mask, anti-vax cousin tested positive in November. He went into the hospital right away and was put on a ventilator. After 3 weeks, they took him off the vent and he died on December 14th. He was 54 and in good health other than being a bit overweight. He left behind a wife, 3 sons and 3 grandchildren that are all under 2 years of age. I don’t know if he’d be alive if he had gotten vaxxed but I assume he would be. A damn shame.
  2. Give it up TOMJH. MM has a proven track record of ignoring facts coupled with an obstinate refusal to learn. I read his posts for the humor (unintentional as it may be). I don’t know why anyone bothers to respond anymore.
  3. The fun thing about bowl games is how unpredictable they are. For many years I‘ve been involved in a pool with about 30-40 people where you pick every game against the spread. Each year almost everyone finishes within 4 or 5 total wins from everyone else. One year, my wife won the pool. She later admitted that she thought she was picking basketball teams (i.e. March Madness). It’s a total crapshoot.
  4. I’m guessing the episode you watched and hadn’t seen before was either “The Encounter” or “Sounds and Silences”. Both were held out of syndication for many years. I grew up in the’70’s watching TZ repeats over and over so I was excited to see “new” episodes. Unfortunately, they were both pretty weak IMO.
  5. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street is on now. If I wanted to explain to somebody what Twilight Zone was all about, I would show them this episode.
  6. “Cast of Thousands!” - according to the poster. I’m gonna count.
  7. This isn’t a studio era film but when I was a kid (in the ‘70’s), my favorite film was “A High Wind in Jamaica” from 1965. I don’t know if TCM has aired it but it used to pop up on television from time to time. I haven’t actively looked for it but I haven’t seen on TV in at least 20 years.
  8. I’m a ‘70’s kid so “The House Without a Christmas Tree” holds a special place for me. I haven’t seen it since the 70’s - it might be awful, lol.
  9. First film that comes to mind is "Arabesque" with Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren but that's probably too mainstream to be the one you're looking for.
  10. Yes, about 3 feet per year. I don't recall a shot of Terrapin Point in relation to the brink of the Horseshoe Falls (where the boat went over) in the film. I was referring more to the location shots of the bell tower, Table Rock and the Cave of the Winds (which need to be rebuilt each spring but always look the same). The cabin site is obviously a set, not a real existing location. Based on the view of the falls from there, those cabins would be in the middle of River Road in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I was not alive when this was filmed but from what I've heard and read, it was a huge dea
  11. I'm a native of Niagara Falls, NY and have lived here most of my life. What strikes me most about "Niagara" is that most of the actual locations used in the film look the same almost 70 years later.
  12. That's funny. Trump went to France for a World War I memorial but didn't attend the event because it was raining.
  13. Friday night is Pizza Night. And I buy enough so that Saturday is pizza day. I’m good at life…
  14. Forrest Gump and Field of Dreams were fun movies but dull reads. However, in both cases, I saw the movie first. I might feel differently if I'd read the books first.
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