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  1. In the scene between mother and daughter in Mildred Pierce is film noir because of the daughter becoming femme fatale of the movie, only concern with giving money to get away from my mother.
  2. In Ministry of Fear The ticking clock represents the minutes counting down until Ray Milland’s character is released from the asylum. They are scary and unpleasant places which everyon doesn’t want to stay. Fritz Lang is a master of staging atmosphere of dread.
  3. In Murder My Sweet,Marlowe is a tough talking no-nonsense who can not be fooled. He’s always one step ahead of the other character. In most movie the police are detective aren’t always that smart.
  4. At the end of They By Night, the scene in the night club when the female singer was singing to Keechie and Bowie she became like a number of a Greek chorus signaling the doom awaiting Bowie.
  5. The Postman Always Rings Twice: Most of the characters in Film Noir are desperate people doing desperate acts, like blackmail and double crossing. In Film Noir There are no real happy endings. Crime doesn't pay. After the return of soldiers from world war two films reflected the dark times facing people, such as the loss of innocence for combatants as well the folks at home. The movies of the 1970s reflected similar themes after the Viet Nam confrontation. Dark life situations and outcomes are found in "Chinatown","Mean Streets"' and " Taxi Driver".
  6. Dark Passage Opening Scene: The POV scenes really get you in to the characters head buried successfully.
  7. The Letter opening scene: I was surprised and shocked when I heard that gunshot after such a beautiful and peaceful nighttime scene. Betty Davis is femme fatale.
  8. Well M's use of shadow and German expressionism lighting makes everything seem easy and dangerous. Many of the filmmakers of Film Noir the eastern European and German most of whom immigrated to America. Taking their experiences, set design and storytelling from the German expressionist movement of the stage to American cinema. Fritz Lang listed greatest director from the school of German expressionism. Lang years is long camera shots and high contrast shadows to make the viewer uneasy. Keeping M in the shadow tells your brain there's something wrong with this person. The kids game is a distur
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