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  1. The opening of DOA is a long walk through a corridor that shows a bleak place with no way to go. The long shot is just triple dipped in bad **** and influental in the opening scene of Touch of Evil, in my opinion. We didn't know where we were or what we were doing there but we were on a one way path to somewhere unfamiliar.
  2. Hitchcock is in a class unto himself. His set up in the opening of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN is slow boiling, simmering leading us to the two men that are the stars of the story
  3. Caged opens showing a frightened young woman entering the bowels of hell known as women's prison. Predatory guards, hardened cons, abused women victims of society in Dantesque inferno of a jungle. It's tight and dreary.
  4. double indemnity when i was a kid. my mind was blown that the dad from my three sons was a bad man and the mom from big valley was so ruthless and manipulative
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