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  1. It was Beyond the time barrier from 1960.
  2. Speaking of the Honeymooners Ralph Kramden claimed to know Jackie Gleason, so in that episode Jackie, Audrey and Art played themselves and their characters.
  3. I liked Sammy Davis Jr. on All in the Family.
  4. I was looking at the month schedule and the days of the week are in Russia example 1среда .
  5. I meant Robert Wagner and Joanne Woodward when I was talking about A Kiss before dying. I guess I'll have to watch the credits.
  6. I believe A Kiss before dying and April Love still have their leads that are still alive.
  7. If you watch the movie again. When the bankers saw the money. They insisted on giving him an extension of the loan, which happens. Then he gives his daughter's boyfriend the money
  8. There was a reward for the crooks (that he found dead in his house, that's why after he got rid of the bodies, he retrieved them for the reward money)
  9. I'm sure the filmmakers feel the same way. Sometimes on TCM they show Jack Lemmon talking about the Apartment and ,who could you route for his character was letting others use his apartment so he could get ahead in business. The boss was cheating on his wife.
  10. Rose-Marie (1936) James Stewart played a murderer.
  11. 3 of the Disney movies. Absent-minded professor ,Strongest Man Alive and Gus seem to be on Watch TCM after the cartoons that are before them. You'll have to watch the cartons first.
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