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  1. I don't know if it was murder or just bad behavior in Little Foxes Bette Davis's character lets her husband die. In Rebecca she was killed by her husband. In 21 days together the murderer was going to confess but when he heard to man on trial died from a heart attack he didn't. On House on 56th Street the murder was covered up.
  2. Yes but they did it in 2005. You can purchase it from Amazon but it's $60 used and $160 new. Matt Helm Lounge: The Silencers / Murderers' Row / The Ambushers / The Wrecking Crew
  3. I thought the accident happened on Green Promise which was the late 40's. I saw the movie the Mysterious death of Natalie Wood and if I remember correctly it was then.
  4. According to imdb it was syndicated by Hal Roach in 1986. MoviesTV Network shows it on Saturdays a t 8a.m.
  5. the 1991 version was made because of the writers strike. It had decent rating but the gulf war was going on. I watched a documentary on Amazon about Dark Shadows.
  6. I hoped someone would of answered you by now.I think the movie was on TCM a few months but I can't remember the name or actor, but all give you some details of the movie I saw and see if it's the same movie and hopefully somebody can help. The movie I saw the owner was dying at beginning and told the editor that his next of kin didn't care about the paper and was going to sell it .There was a witness a school teacher to something I think she was a alibi witness because one gangster wanted to keep her safe and had one of his employees watch her. Near the end the employee (of the gangster)was dying in the press room. The editor did call for a doctor but was also writing the story and the woman said she wanted to be a reporter. The last scene was the new owner being told of by a old lady who worked for the paper because he was going to shut the paper down and he told her because of the story he was going to keep the paper open.
  7. It was Beyond the time barrier from 1960.
  8. Speaking of the Honeymooners Ralph Kramden claimed to know Jackie Gleason, so in that episode Jackie, Audrey and Art played themselves and their characters.
  9. I liked Sammy Davis Jr. on All in the Family.
  10. I was looking at the month schedule and the days of the week are in Russia example 1среда .
  11. I meant Robert Wagner and Joanne Woodward when I was talking about A Kiss before dying. I guess I'll have to watch the credits.
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