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  1. The first movie is newer similar to witness to murder but a comedy,about a woman who has model room mates she's on the terrace with a model but she has cucumbers on her eyes. She sees a man strangle a woman in a another apartment. You find out later in the movie he's a cop and it was a fake murder. The second mov
  2. Both the schedule and watch tcm said it was circle of doom but it was thundering herd.
  3. Might be either Auntie Mame or Mame but one was from 1958 the other was made in the seventies Rosalind Russell was in one Lucille Ball was in the second. The boy was her nephew.
  4. Are you sure that's how it ended because in the Bluebird with Shirley Temple she goes to the future but that's not how it ends.
  5. Did the guy lose a hand. In Chamber of Horrors(1966) The killer lost a hand and attached metal instruments to it but it was the judge and cop he went after.
  6. Could be This Love of Ours(1945) or the remake Never say Goodbye with Rock Hudson.
  7. I just saw the movie My Summer Prince, and Lauren Holly said that.
  8. I don't know but if I remember correctly in the Man of the Moment there was a ledge scene, but they met when she tried to drown herself.
  9. Elvis Presley played look a like cousins in Kissin' Cousins .Yul Brenner played look a likes in Double man.Sometimes twins were used for comedy Martha Raye played twin waitresses in a Abbott and Costello movie. One liked Lou and gave him free food and the sister was trying to make him pay for it.
  10. The Doctor Orway films .Man in the Dark,What a man with Frank Fay.
  11. Other examples are Twice Blessed similar to Parent Trap. Scapegoat with Alec Giuness. William Shatner in a movie where he played two half-breed brothers. Andy Hardy had trouble with twin sisters when he went to college.Eddie Cantor in the movie Thank Your Lucky Stars played himself and a bus driver.
  12. In 1976 The Great Houdini with Paul Michael Glaser and Sally Struthers .The message was on her wedding band. He did get a lot of mediums mad and they pointed out he cheated on his wife. He was friends with Sir Doyle the creator of Sherlock Holmes whose wife was a medium but he didn't believe her because his mother only called him Eric and not Harry.
  13. I don't know if it was murder or just bad behavior in Little Foxes Bette Davis's character lets her husband die. In Rebecca she was killed by her husband. In 21 days together the murderer was going to confess but when he heard to man on trial died from a heart attack he didn't. On House on 56th Street the murder was covered up.
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