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  1. I think it is the costuming, but Gigi, and Can-Can are the 2 I have watched the most, except..... I have been a cast member of several Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcasts, and I feel that the campiness of the movie and the sheer joy that musicals incite, and the community that developed around it, while occasionally problematic, also allowed for a large number of outcasts to find like minded individuals before social media existed. That community has "saved" many a soul.
  2. I would have liked some more modern references, RHPS was already mentioned, but not Phantom of the Paradise or Tommy. The teeny bopper category is also lacking, no Annette or Elvis. Also no Shirley Temple. Musicals are such a wide spread field, that I am sure this list could keep growing.
  3. I would just like to contradict the general consensus on point #2. I do find this to be a typical opening Hitchcock scene. While the number of people represented is much less, the chaos and disorder that crowds usually generate is still present in the remnants of their 3 day sequester. the sound effects of his solitaire game and the forced path of access, due to dishes, are both reminiscent of crowd behavior and the accommodations one must make to maneuver through such a situation.
  4. I think Hitchcock uses the POV tracking shot to reinforce the emotions and process that the character is going through. In this scene specifically, the striking scale of the office, and the time it takes for the characters to track through it, relays the tension and apprehension they are feeling.
  5. I am also a fan of Stage Fright, because of Marlene Ditetrich. Jamaica Inn is also a personal favorite.
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