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  1. It appears we are in violent agreement about Carole Lombard and Jean Arthur. May there always be a TCM to showcase them. I'm heading off to find some of those Lombard-MacMurray films.
  2. Well-rejoindered. You made me go watch Talk of the Town, of which I had a fortunately saved copy. One slight correction: she says "Excuse me", adorably, just after throwing a bowl full of water onto the face of the prone, passed-out Cary Grant. In further defense of Carole Lombard, you force me to bring out the heavy cannon held in reserve: Every scene with Carole and John Barrymore in Twentieth Century.Anticipating your response, you might mention The More the Merrier.
  3. I can't do that right now, Dave.

  4. I'd like to go on record as saying it was SO MEAN to make us look up this song so that we could get it even further embedded into our brain stems.
  5. I can argue with no man who wants to crown Jean Arthur before Carole Lombard. I love her, too. As evidence for my position, I offer only two points: Carole jumping up and down on her bed in delight yelling "Godfrey loves me! Godfrey loves me!" The entirety of To Be or Not To Be.
  6. Wow, you guys are amazing. I, too, thought at first glance that this was Carole Lombard (the greatest American comedienne of all time), but it only took a second glance to see that it was an idealized Carole at best. Thanks to all, but especially MilesArcher for providing the definitive proof in the matching still. I'm going to go set my Tivo to find me all the Virginia Huston movies it can come up with. Thanks again!
  7. Starchild64, you may have already seen the short existing excerpt from The Way of All Flesh that was just published on YouTube on July 20th. It's enough to see why Emil Jannings won.
  8. Hello All, In the introduction sequence for Ben Mankiewicz, the one that begins with the words "The Flicker of a Film is Like a Heartbeat", who is the actress whose face appears first, with the word "Flicker" underneath? If you recognize her, can you also provide an IMDB link to the movie from which that still was taken, or to the studio head shot if that is the source? Thanks! __________________________ In the spirit of saving a thousand words, here is a screen shot of the actress I'm asking about. Any ideas?
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