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  1. I enjoy almost anything by Morricone, but Once Upon a Time in the West usually tops my list.
  2. That would be great! I just got back in town from a work trip and noticed you'd posted the new challenge, and was afraid I wouldn't be able to cobble together a schedule by the deadline. So I'm all for extending!
  3. Haha, yeah, it is a pretty ridiculous scenario, but I guess that's part of the fun, and it leads to the great chanting scenes during Donna's hearing. That was a great storyline in general. Dylan getting swindled by that couple, losing his money and his sister Erica, which ultimately leads to the episode you mention. Their hi-jinks in that episode ARE fantastic! Poor Kelly Taylor...she really did run the gamut of insanely terrible circumstances. The cult, the coke, being burned alive in the fire, the stalker, the murder/suicide attempt by said stalker, the r a p e, the shooting, and on and on! Yeah, exactly. Once he was gone, it wasn't the same. Add to that Ahhhhndrea being gone, Brenda and Brandon both leaving, and even Jim and Cindy moving away (how can you have Casa Walsh with no Walshes?!), it just kinda feels different.
  4. It's so easy to get hooked. I'm a year younger than the main characters are supposed to be, so it was released at a perfect time for me to watch through my high school years (and beyond, haha). Yes, DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES! A classic! And although I agree with you about Brenda being incredibly annoying, I do think, overall, that I prefer the first half of the show's run to the last, especially as we lost more and more of the original characters. (I do love the addition of Val though. By far the best of the non-original gang)
  5. Yes! That is one of the most egregious omissions. Hah!! Yes, I agree. It would be an undertaking for sure, but we can cross our fingers. I'd finally get around to buying seasons 5-10 if they did!
  6. Same here. I'm excited to see what she comes up with! Like Speedy, I also have seasons 1-4 on dvd, and the info she gives in the post above is spot on. It really was a smart move to air first-run episodes in season 2 during the summer to cash in on the popularity of the show and keep the momentum rolling. The one thing I hate about the DVDs is the omission of a lot of the original music. Much of it has been replaced with generic tunes (presumably due to rights issues). It's just kind of jarring sometimes to be watching an episode and specifically remember a certain song being played during a scene, only to have it missing on the DVDs.
  7. As a big 90210 and SbtB fan, I've really enjoyed this discussion, haha! And no, they never appeared together. Brenda left after season 4, and Val arrived at the start of season 5.
  8. I'm a little late to the party, but here are some of the prints I have displayed around the house. They're all reproductions (sadly), but I still enjoy them!
  9. Congratulations Lydecker, on a well-deserved win! And thanks again to everyone involved for putting on an entertaining challenge!
  10. First, I'd like to thank CinemaInternational for hosting a great challenge. Very nice job! And now for the schedules. Skimpole: The standout for me is the tour de force that is your "Musical Premieres from A to Z". That really is an incredible feat. Well done! LonesomePolecat: I really like your "Enthusiastic Fan Clubs", "Animals in the Big Apple", and TV detectives. It's nice to see you honor Robert Krasker too (especially your inclusion of The Inheritance)! And as always, your Disney selections are on point! Lydecker: Your "Julie Doesn't Sing a Note" and "Fred Doesn't Dance a Step" blocks are both very clever. I also love Eve Arden, "Things That Go Bump...", and "Time Travel". Frau Blucher as guest programmer cracked me up! Also, as a general note, I always enjoy your use of movie quotes as a lead in for most of your blocks. Athos: Welcome to the Programming Challenges! It's always nice to see new participants! I like your tributes to Jackie Gleason, James Mason, and SOTM Richard Widmark. I also enjoyed your Jazz scores with Herbie Hancock and "Comic Capers". I'd also like to mention quickly that I thought all of your message board guest programmers were excellent choices! So big thanks go to LawrenceA, Speedracer5, MovieCollectorOH, and LonesomePolecat for participating as well! Now for the hardest part, selecting just one schedule. Everyone did such a great job! But, after a LOT of back and forth, I'm going to go with Lydecker's schedule!
  11. Wow, that WAS fast, haha! The new challenge looks fun. I'm looking forward to diving in. Also, you've probably already done it, but just as a reminder, make sure to send a PM to the moderator asking to have this thread pinned. I'd hate for anyone to accidentally miss it!
  12. Congratulations, CinemaInternational! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the next challenge!
  13. Well done, guys! First off, kudos to Speedracer5 for hosting yet another fantastic Challenge. I only regret not being able to participate this go 'round. It's always such a fun time. As for the schedules, all five are outstanding, and deserve a lot of praise! TopBilled: I like your “costars were later married” block, and love the idea of Alfred Hitchcock directing Joan Crawford films (especially Sudden Fear) CinemaInternational: A full day of premieres is such a fine idea for a new programming feature. Eve Arden as a dramatic lead is also a great choice. And I love all the Hayley Mills you scheduled (including The Moon-Spinners, which actually does get a premiere on the 25th this month, yay!). LonesomePolecat: “Counting down with Patric Knowles” is so clever. Love it! The "TCM Locations Tour" is a wonderful idea as well. I'm also particularly fond of your Elmer Bernstein salute, “Sheesh, You're Not Sick!”, and “Musical Corset Scenes”, haha! Skimpole: I really like both your “Suspicious Husbands, Compromised Wives” and “Unworthy Men and the Women Who Love Them” blocks, as well as the “unhappy families” day. Donald Sutherland is a nice choice for SOTM, also. Lydecker: Lots to love here too! I really like “A Plethora of Powells”, “Hollywood Marriage-Go-Round”, “Redheads”, “Hedda and Louella”, and your “The Face is Familiar” feature. And I absolutely agree with you on having Aline MacMahon as SOTM! Again, congrats to all of you for creating such excellent schedules! Thanks for all the hard work. It's so difficult to choose just one. But, with that being said, CinemaInternational won me over with all the Hayley Mills, so he gets my vote this time!
  14. Congratulations Speedy! A very well deserved win! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the next challenge. Before or after the holidays works fine for me. I also just wanted to extend a big thank you to all the other participants, voters, commenters, and especially LonesomePolecat for stepping up and hosting a great challenge!
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