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  1. Baseball season upon us, since the Final Four might not be as much fun as expected due to the current pairings.
  2. Saw this movie while on a date when it first came out, while in college. STill find it an interesting and well done movie worth watching.
  3. Watching some English mid-1950's movies for a research project a friend is working on, which will expand into a book. We are consulting with his relative who was in the British forces for more information on field movements and the veracity of the films of the time relative to what was really happening with ground forces.
  4. What was the movie with Price where Robert Morley got served his French poodles? That's my selection.
  5. He will keep saying "No collusion" till the cows come home though.
  6. Why look any further than your thread for a perfect casting choice for Bardo?
  7. If anyone knows it might be his friend, Doris Day though I doubt she would betray his trust.
  8. Just saw online that one of the Parkland survivors killed herself. I guess there is always an aftermath of such tragedies.
  9. Wish I could be there. Thanks for the information.
  10. Looking forward to full disclosure, since "principal conclusions" semantically sounds a bit restricted.
  11. Is your recorder set in the same time zone as you...LOL!
  12. I always got a kick out of the saying "It's better than sliced bread." Boy, that must be from way back. Great topic by the way.
  13. Not that they have to correspond in all ways, just like Craven's, Last House on the Left was shall we say, a wee bit different from Bergman's, The Virgin Spring, which was also slightly unique from its 13th century predecessor, but it's interesting to see how many similar themes can be the basis for very different movies. One fun example would be 1962's British film, All Night Long which starred Patrick McGoohan [not No. 6 or a Prisoner this time] but the film was based on Shakespeare's, Othello in the palimpsest version with much rubbed out, from the original. Still it made a great film wi
  14. Saw that way back at a theater and it had some of the best 3-D effects of all time. Much better than Andy Warhol's foray into horror with 3-D chunks of human flesh thrust out over the audience in some sequences. As silly as it was, I even enjoyed the ridiculous paddle ball scene in HOW.
  15. I have that book from the 1970's about Errol and write-ups on all his films, with loads of photos of him with Lily Damita, and his dad and sometimes it looked like Warner Brothers wanted to make him look like a kewpie doll, with a slight lipstick put on and curled and peroxided hair, which looked foppish. Is not this guy good looking enough, that he could play the Earl of Essex without hair dye and a marcelled wave look? I will say the improvement done to his choppers though was an improvement.
  16. What a wonderful movie! And Wilder's attention to detail by even the artwork, like using Rousseau's painting, The Sleeping Gypsy over the bed in which Miss Kubilek [sp?] was ensconced was so marvelous. Thanx, Michael Rennie. I sure hope those two ended up in a happy and long relationship. Mr. Sheldrake was a rat and a bum to Fran.
  17. Now let's be fair, Michael...Myra was The Killer's third cousin, which might make it all alright except in England when you are on tour. What was the old joke "How do you find dates down south. Go to a family reunion!" I wonder if cousin, Jimmy Swaggart married them? By the way, I have a nice, unplayed Jimmy Swaggart album for sale if anyone is interested called "I Cried in the Chapel [when the police arrested me for sexual importuning]".
  18. I heard the important military all lie there about reverse engineering, as we might expect and the only way to get the truth is to talk to anyone who worked the janitorial staff and was privy to underground areas. Thanx!
  19. Zowie! By the way, John Lear says "Hey!" from the interplanetary command center.
  20. You'd think so but as I recall, Newman says no, it had no bearing on his song title, though he admits there might have been some subliminal sense of it. Thanx.
  21. Really? What is it like there? Are there little green men living perfectly normal lives that came from Hangar 18 and the Rosewell crash. Are you related to Wilbur and Orville or at least Jonathan Winters? Did you go to Dirty John's wedding in 1990? Did the guy who owned NCR actually coin the word "Fired" when he put an employee's possessions on the lawn and set them afire, and that guy went on to found IBM? Is Dayton on a vortex or ley line formation? Looking forward to your answers...
  22. You're a stalwart man and a gentleman. I salute you and your appreciation of new font sizes. One of my favorite acting in all of movies was when you picked up the music box [at Aunt Bea's where you had rented the room as Mr. Carpenter] and bemusedly smiled as you realized it played a tune. Ya shoulda won an Oscar just for that scene as the world's handsomest alien, and the one where you told the other renters that they were misjudging the Space Man. Good show, MR!
  23. For me, it's always been Clyde Fitch. I think his plays, particularly any one with the esteemed and renowned Mojeska were superb and speak for themselves. Now some may like things a bit more modern like those of David Belasco, who brought such realism to the stage, or Chekhov, who if he put a gun in a play, you were sure to hear it go off, as in the wonderful Uncle Vanya with the suicide attempt. Name your favorite playwright whose works still work in movies.
  24. Ya got me. I did go into a stupor during The Guns of Navarone, and then it went into coma, when I saw James Darren [aka Jimmy Ercolani] come on the screen amidst all those manly actors. I kept wondering when Gidget was gonna show up to save the military forces and if Darren would be singing love songs to her in the Big Kahoona's shack. This is probably why that topical reference got lost in my brain due to PTSD.
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