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  1. I think you have confused some remarks about Raft and other things by others, Mister Dargo with me which is not surprising being that I've been accused of being so many people, except for Attila the Hun. But no matter, I can still answer your question. I agree mostly with your critique, but remember distinctly that the reason you hear nothing on the DVDS that would become pop culture terms, was on purpose. I think it was Carl Reiner who said they purposely tried to never use topical issues or current slang so that the show would not be dated and would sell more in residuals for reruns. Hope th
  2. Very interesting analysis. Maybe you are right. Thanx for the insight.
  3. Some music critics say this song by Randy Newman is a perfect evocation of a time and place. This perhaps is due to the belief I once heard expressed by a well-known actor, that they had used Dayton as a location in their movie script, since it was a place that most everyone had heard of, but few people had actually been there.This may be the reason that the location of Dayton has been used in such diverse movies and tv shows as Sunset Blvd.[remember the earlier career of Joe Gillis?], Two O'Clock Courage, The King of Comedy, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, that Twilight Zone episode with Shatne
  4. Taz was my favorite cartoon character so thanx! As Taz might say "Does it count as saving people when one just refrains from killing them?"
  5. Tonsorial splendor was his short suit, but gramps looked nothing like Perry Como being around 6'2", similar to Flynn's stature.
  6. My grandfather as a Tasmanian always liked to split hairs over this issue, from the time he also worked in the Prairie Oyster shucking field.
  7. Me too, Klaatu. Keep up the good work. Earth's survival depends upon it.
  8. Hmmm, is DDA the movie where Al's paramour keeps saying he wants to go to Liberia? I think it was played by that guy who was the king in The Princess Bride. I only saw it once but don't remember much since the theater was full of marijuana smoke wafting around.
  9. I've been a fan of AR-G ever since I saw Last Year at Marienbad. Thanx, Sarge.
  10. Okay, I shoulda said earth and the Lesser Antilles. Satisfied now? Yeeeesh... I'm sorry Patricia Neal helped revive you if you are gonna be this picky, Mister Carpenter!
  11. I do. I must agree with you since my significant other says that Sgt. Markoff is the utmost and the ginchiest poster she's ever read any posts by at the TCM Lounge. It is difficult to believe there could be two such unique individuals in the universe. Personally though, I find Sgt. Markoff way more intellectual, sophisticated and worldly than I. He is my superior and I am just his follower. I've gotta say I think this is kind of an insult to Sgt. Markoff though.
  12. Great minds do think alike particularly when they are afflicted with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and thanks for noticing the similarity of my post to CG's. I see your point, but in my quest to be continually argumentative and an old fogie, shall resist its logic. But that's a good thing, as one might say, since my position elicited your position which was a good read and well expressed and probably very accurate an assessment. DD-L [had to think about that one for a while, since at first I thought you were talking about Diana Dors-Lustinspiringgoddess] is a good actor to be sure even
  13. Ya just had to bring that up, didn't you? As I recall, the Cowsills were possibly offered the possibility to be in a series about a family band, but balked when their own matriarch would not play herself, and instead it would be Shirley Jones. Why are you making me remember all these traumatic events in TVLand? Are you just a sadist and trying to torture people? I will say humanity did seem to get rid of having to see the Cowsills ad infinitum; too bad the same can't be said of the Osmonds that are like a chronic disease, that lives on interminably like the Black Plague. Marie will still
  14. Personally I feel sorry for any banana nowadays, even a top one or second banana. Look how they are using them for illustrative purposes on this spate of tv commercials about Peyronie's Disease. I find it quite an insult to the banana family and anyone named Foster also.
  15. I doubt that... But speaking of tasting badly, I wonder if Eating Raoul is one of your favorite movies?
  16. The Cowsills brought new meaning to the word "vapid". The only thing worse than getting their album, The Best of the Cowsills [which was a blank disc!] for a present would have been if the Cowsills had intermarried with the Osmonds and continued to record and perform as a giant orchestral unit. As for Top 40 songs, I wonder if "I Love the Flower Girl" was a contender?
  17. Though some might nominate in the tasteless films category, a film like Pink Flamingos by John Waters, which is fine, but I might instead pick something like Jess Franco's infamous, The Sadist from Notre Dame. I tend to think when the tasteless aspect is done on purpose, like in Pasolini's, Salo that it puts itself in a bit of a side category to the prevailing category. Tasteless for a specific reason could be construed as differently motivated than tasteless without knowledge of being tasteless. Either way, tasteless films can be intriquing as taste can often be an impediment to art and c
  18. Nah, that was Peter Peanut who filled in for Chuckles' cremation.
  19. I get the bit about purchasing based on the covers. I kinda dig those H.P. Lovecraft volumes since the cover art is "Ooh-la-la!" Do the original Dear Abby books have an author photo where Abigail has the wings on her hair helmet look?
  20. Chuckles the Clown is rolling over in his grave.
  21. "I am fearful when I see people substituting fear of being called politically incorrect, for movies." Klattu
  22. I'd watch this just to hear that song, Down Among the Sheltering Palms, which I enjoy each time I watch Some Like It Hot!
  23. Right on. Bizarrely as I wrote my post I was thinking that Paths of Glory really was All Quiet on the Western Front's chief contender for great anti-war movie, so thanx for bringing it up.
  24. Banish the thought, to resist going for the joke, when you see the opening! I think Jerry Seinfeld said that, and to me there is no time when humor is not appreciated, even at my own espense. I enjoyed your dig! Thanx for responding and I see your point. Of course, there are always good films and I was just in a curmudgeonly type mood perhaps. I still probably would have to say as personages that I find the old actors to be a more interesting lot, as real folks when I read about their backgrounds, but even Olivier probably never was an on-stage comedian yet played one well on film, so it
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