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  1. I was wondering the same thing as I can't remember all the details of the accusations by Mia Farrow. All I can remember is something about Farrow finding photos of the adopted daughter on the mantle or something, when she was still married to Allen, which showed some problematic potential. Personally I would not want to be married to Farrow, and that is based on what Old Blue Eyes told me.
  2. Anathema! Cowsills and Fifth Dimension mentioned in the same post. Now I need some Syrup of Ipecac.
  3. If they retitled it Annie Get Your Wall, and she could be picking off people climbing over the impediments, instead of clay targets, it would be a hit.
  4. Can't think of any modern film with an ending as eloquent as the one in this film of Erich Maria Remarque's classic story. That sequence sticks in my mind as strongly as when I first saw it.
  5. Good one, wish I'd said it myself! But seriously does this mean that you are admiring of actors nowadays as being as moving as ones from the past? Obviously my opinion is a generalization, but I feel there is some truth to it. But perhaps I'm wrong and would appreciate some rebuttal, if I am just being an old fogie, where everything in the past is better than what is current. Like if I said I think Tin Lizzies can beat all new cars, I should appreciate being corrected with logical thought by someone with a differing idea. I respect your opinion, as your posts are always of intel
  6. Okay, maybe I'm just being an old fogie, but actors nowadays seem so boring to me onscreen. Could it be because since birth they have been planning to be actors, so their bios say things like "Benjamin Gaybar was almost born acting since his mother auditioned him in the Neonatal Unit at the hospital to do his first tv ad for a diaper company. He then went on to play many parts in his kindergarten class, in preparation for his hoped for goal of being a movie star. Working behind the scenes to get his foot in at theatrical parts at Northwestern, he graduated to playing romantic leads in their pr
  7. Besides all his obvious great roles, I think Finney gave a marvelous performance in The Dresser, with Tom Courtenay.
  8. Personally I haven't watched hardly any of his movies since The Purple Rose of Cairo, being that I liked the idea of walking in or out of the movie screen better in Buster Keaton's, Sherlock Jr. I also pretty much abhor films with Mia Farrow in them, so that was a roadblock too. I'm sure he's made some good films though, so maybe he can get Mariel Hemingway to star as the fifteen-year-old kid's grandma in this one, but at another studio?
  9. Not in the least. Personally I hate people who hate films where the lead character was not sympathetic. Sympathetic characters are often also simpering fools. No June Allyson jokes please.
  10. Personally I would like a themed day on TCM celebrating Hawaiian Modern styles in films both in apparel and furnishings plus any films with Tiki items visible, but so far I'm also in the minority, not that it bothers me a whit.
  11. My favorite part of that documentary they made about his attempt to finish his last, ostensible album, was when someone in the studio, maybe the sound engineer yelled out to Zevon to give the phrasing a little more oomph, and Warren said something like "I'm dying here, man!" Finally a proper usage of the phrase...
  12. You both make really good points, and it is difficult to be exclusively on either side. Perhaps a bit of a more spotlighted part of the month could focus on the films that fit in the Black History context, like every Sunday, in an all day scheduling, and leave the other days for the Oscar winning films. Can't both comfortably exist in an upcoming February of coming years?
  13. Nope, I think her new hubby engaged the first Doctor Kervorkian to treat her ailments.
  14. Get on the Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Company website and you will find books that you never even imagined existed to add to your potential lending library, Sgt. Markoff. As Warren Zevon once said...we buy books in hope that we will live long enough to read them all. Well, he said something like that, but of course the poor boy was being treated for cancer by then so probably was hoping for more time to peruse many tomes.
  15. Never try to read below 4 point typeface, unless you are from the planet, Krypton.
  16. A respite from life and its humdrum cycles...
  17. I'll go with Land of the Pharoahs, just because Joan Collins as Princess Nellifer is fun to watch.
  18. Fabulous film. Worth its salt just for the part where Jerry Falwell is cross-examined about the Penthouse insert. I don't think Jerry had any idea what satire was...
  19. Just for your edification, Jeannie had to get married after going to the Camptown Races with a blackguard, and then she stayed too long at the fair. All her light brown hair had to be cut too, and now she looks like an old nag.
  20. Mine either. I've been trying to finish the book, Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, for the last twenty years. Not the book's fault; I need the Cliff Notes version maybe.
  21. Did Eden mention anything in it about her time on the film, The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao? Just curious since it was on recently and had such enchanting and magical visuals and special effects.
  22. Yeah, she always has that peevish look on her face when I start to read Thurber and then I fall out of bed.
  23. Everytime I read Thurber, the walls of my house start to resemble a portrait of his wife. Of course my house is in Margaritaville where I lost my chakra and haven't recovered it yet, so that might explain things.
  24. Yeah, I'm psychic and I knew I'd need to prove I'm two people way back then so I messaged myself just in case LOL. Thanx, Detective Clouseau!
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