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  1. I could perfect one, to attract women too, if I just had more antifreeze in my garage to remove some obstructions from my dating life.
  2. Sometimes it is better not to have a feminine side, if ya know what I mean.
  3. Nah, they don't have to be "frightening" since I would add someone like Robert Dudley who played the Wienie King in The Palm Beach Story, as he is a laugh riot and totally unique.
  4. I just knew you'd be a fan of The Night of the Lepus with Stuart Whitman and Janet Leigh.
  5. Well, I have a bit different recollection but maybe I've altered what I read. I was thinking that a woman was sitting in the chair and kept thinking how comfortable it was and how it seemed to conform to her every move, and then she realized that someone was in the chair. But maybe I imagined that, as your version does sound totally possible unless maybe both elements are in the same story. I mean, how can there be two different stories about a person who is hiding inside the upholstery of a chair. I bet you could look up the Ranpo story online and I will too. Thanx though as it's nice to thin
  6. Don't ever watch Entertainment Tonight as Hart must pay them to talk about his paltry talents every night.
  7. Speaking of Pointers, now I'm missing my two old hunting dogs, Babe and Maude. Used to enjoy their antics when we'd take them pheasant hunting. Excuse me while I shed a few tears.
  8. Lucky you. I dug through all my old messages and found this really old conversation between me and CaveGirl. I excerpted a couple of nasty things I said but her message is intact. Hope you enjoy it!: Report reply GordonCole Started conversation: September 29, 2015 I seriously cannot understand how you can post and have that person writing stuff back which is totally inane. That would make me have to leave here after about ten minutes. That guy in the thread just wants to stalk you as
  9. Of course, I've been dealing with being one of the ten faces of Eve, or Cave Girl almost since I began posting here so that post is no surprise. Why fight it, I figure so I just let it roll and enjoy being known as a female since they are often more interesting than men. I'm sure Roger Stone wouldn't get out of sorts either for being outed as Fuster or this CG. The whole thing is amusing in a way. Why do people care if this Fuster is Therealfuster or me or anyone else like Cavegirl. Is she catfishing men here or what and getting rent money...LOL Maybe that's why this CaveGirl left the joint as
  10. Ya know, I never watched that show though I should have as I've always liked Ian McShane and what a great Judas he was in that Jesus of Nazareth tv thing. Dudley Sutton is a fine actor and to me a sort of British Michael J. Pollard type too, though they are both unique talents. Thanx.
  11. I think I saw that the TRF poster last posted in 2005. I thought someone said that issue happened way later, but I could be wrong. And if that's true why would Fuster deny they are the same person if it is that simple. Ignore me, I haven't been here long enough to solve this mystery, you probably know the score way better than I. Just seems kinda dumb for Fuster to keep changing her name continually for what purpose.
  12. Ya don't hear about "tinkers" much anymore unless it is about Tinkers, to Evers to Chance, Sgt..
  13. Both had great music. I own the boxed set of OSB, but unfortunately is only has most of the episodes but not the complete series for some dang reason. Thanx, enjoyed hearing those clips.
  14. Why are there two people with fuster in their user name? Doesn't that end the belief that they are the same person as why would they create two identities using the same name partially but then deny they are the same person? Makes no sense.
  15. Ah heck, what are you apologizing for? This story could be made into a Lifetime TV movie, and it would be as good as seeing Judith Light as poisoner, Marie Hilley. Maybe CG is in the Women's Reformatory out west? Surely she had friends here who know more about her, why not ask them what they know about her gender or whereabouts. She seemed to be friendly with Dargo and Miss Wonderly as I recall from posts. Ask them for some insider info and maybe she is still alive and kicking or she was punished from posting due to getting in trouble though I never really saw her ever be rude to anyone. Or sh
  16. Sometimes a film is lifted up by the appearance of a singular character that one can't even imagine dialogue having been written for, they are that out of this world. They bring a reality to the movie, beyond acting, perhaps because they either aren't acting or are just lightning in a bottle. They could be appealing or as repugnant as can be, yet one is still a bit taken with their persona in the movie. Such a person is, to my mind, Edwin Neal in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I found his behaviour unrelentingly disgusting in this role, yet attribute a lot of the horror of the film to his som
  17. Really? I've been looking for that dang thing since I got a bedtime visit from a ghostly Howard, asking me to update his link at Miskatonic U's website. Now I've heard I think of the Nephilim but only on that Ancient Aliens show on the History Channel so you have me at a loss. Tell Yog to say hi to Yogi-Sothoth and when he gets to the fork in the road to perdition to take it.
  18. I bow to your expertise, Mister D! You sound like someone who would be great to have along on a bar hop so one would only get the good stuff hidden behind the bar. Who needs Clare Ptooey when we have you at the Forum Lounge. Thanx for the insider knowledge about the "good stuff".
  19. I see a Fat Tire in my future if I partake of all these fluids but who cares. I'll stay away from the worms and tequila but I might play some albums by the Majors as I quaff, and maybe I should look for a curated TCM wine that is cheaper than Dom Perignon but with a kick like rubbing alcohol to get me through more episodes of the TNT melodrama?
  20. Thanx for asking. I am currently reading Patricia Highsmith's book, The Talented Mr. Ripley since I try to never read anything currently on the Best Seller list. So far, it is marvelous and goes into the background of Ripley a lot more than the films do, which is mind expanding. Though I actually think the 1999 version with Damon and Law is quite good, I am way more partial to the 1960 version directed by noted French artist, Rene Clement, called Purple Noon. I will say the only thing missing from that version is the great work done by Philip Seymour Hoffman in the later one, being
  21. Are you a descendant of Edgar, Sgt.? Speaking of radio shows, I just bought a twenty episode cd set of Inner Sanctum. I am going to live in the past for the next week for sure. As for that other sarge, I liked his dog the best, Yukon King. I wonder if he was a Malumute or something else.
  22. Just meant Pine kinda has a resemblance to both actors. Maybe I'm a bit down on the whole shebang knowing that after reading all these books on the Hodel family connections, I can't see why the producers made up the Pine character anyway as he seems not important to the actual multiple storylines which occur over decades of time. Maybe I should just drink more as I watch and stop worrying about details? Any suggestions on which brewski might help me get through the series without retching?
  23. Well, I will say I did enjoy seeing that shirt he was wearing, in the first episode, in color.
  24. Of course you are right about the specificity of where this is going. I was referring to the whole scenario of George Hodel and his supposed connection to the Dahlia murder that was first chronicled in Steve's book. Thanx for clarifying about Fauna. Just went to an exhibition based on many of these interconnections which had a complete layout of Hodel's home that was a fascinating expose of his parties and dealings with family and friends that were a bit outre, to say the least. My doubts about the Steve Hodel book are based on the silly photo section where he tries to say that he found photos
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