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  1. I shoulda been more specific about Pine. I actually do like the way he is playing the character. My beef was really his appearance, hair et cetera not looking very authentic for the time, but I'm probably being a stickler. He should get out some photos of Brian Donlevy or Robert Cummings since I've always thought he resembles them and emulate their styles. Then I could get more into the story without being distracted.
  2. I do remember Dolenz being called Braddock then, but was embarrassed to say so. Speaking of Fury, my younger sister had a big crush on Bobby Diamond from that show, and wasn't there a kid named Pee Wee maybe and Pete was the cook? I had a crush on Penny from Sky King but she was too old for me, Sure, Plymouth Adventure can work too as a colonialism object lesson.
  3. Right on and it also reminded me of the unused morgue footage of the corpse of Joe Gillis from Sunset Boulevard that was found in one of the DVD versions of the film that was released a while ago.
  4. SPOILERS AHEAD! Though I'm not telling anyone who has religiously followed the Black Dahlia story anything new, yes...this show is based on incidents from the Tamar Hodel story about George Hodel, that were documented in the book, Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel. The girl being focused on in the early episodes has nothing really to do with Elizabeth Short, and this is all just background on the Hodel family and its possible connection. Personally I think any connection with George Hodel is spurious, but all these tales of people who came into contact with Elizabeth Short do make for go
  5. Didn't realize that was dubbed. I need to rewatch it from my boxed set. Thanx for the great trivia info.
  6. You picked a great episode and one of my favorites. The whole bit about the book, "To Serve Man" and the dumb earthlings attempts to decipher it as if it is more complicated than The Voynich Manuscript and then all the dummies are boarding the spaceship, only to become ground pasta and maybe hummus for the aliens is a hoot! Definitely fits into my Colonialism theme. Thanx.
  7. You're still a lot more attractive than the Brainiac.
  8. Ask Tiki-Soo. She's the queen of using the Didn't Read acronyms after people's posts. Every acronym I know I learned from reading her posts.
  9. Yeah, it was really a cutting blow about Spillane's writing skills, particularly coming from a character in the movie who thought a man should marry a dame twenty years younger than him...at one year of age! But I'm sure also that Spillane laughed all the way to the bank, as Liberace used to say, Lorna.
  10. So let me get this straight, you have voluntarily given up the right to use the Messaging ability here with which you used to chat with CaveGirl? Have you asked anyone else to just Message her and see if she is here but only monitoring posts and not commenting? Or could she have been banned? I will be glad to Message her right now since I believe I have the ability to Message anyone here, and I'll see if I can get a message through to her. Back soon. Addendum: Here's what I found out. Cave Girl joined TCM in September 5th of 2013. She last posted on October 6th of 2018. She registered a
  11. If someone is banned here, does it show up on their profile or does their profile just disappear with the banning?
  12. How did Stephen Stills get in there?
  13. Does your Victrola have the police calls come in on it, Sgt. Markoff? Everytime I try to play my 78rpm record of Bing and his version of Mississippi Mud, I get transmissions for AWOL soldiers who are missing from their posts at Nellis.
  14. I've almost bought the boxed set of that show numerous times but it is one of the highest priced dvd sets around at about 150 bucks, but I might just have to cut loose and do it now. Swift was hilarious as Hyacinth's long suffering spouse for sure. Thanx.
  15. Everytime I eat a flower I think of Dick Miller. Or when I see a dead cat covered in cement. RIP.
  16. Speaking of Giallo, I remember being with some fellow basketball players in NY to see the NIT in the 1970's and while in Times Square we went to see Argento's, Four Flies on Grey Velvet. Now that was one crazy movie.
  17. Thanx for rattling, Sgt. and speaking of rattles, I believe the movie The Reptile also has some obscurantist colonialism leanings. By the way, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon was one of my favorite Saturday morning shows as a kiddie, when I would eat my Maypo as I watched, waiting for Tom Terrific and Fury to come on later, plus Circus Boy, with Mickey Dolenz as a blonde boy.
  18. Actually I'm rather disturbed at not being accused of being the famous Fuster, who seemed to be a true hermaphrodite. I see CaveGirl as a fisher of men, luring them out of the online sea with her beckoning lingo, only to see them wash up on the shore. She probably looked like that girl in the film "Night Tide" but it could be only my imagination and fantasy. Surely there is someone here who communicated with her via other means who can solve this mystery for you, Stephan? But if it makes you happy to think I'm CG, you do need to remember detective wise that I registered here after CG nam
  19. Such a great movie and hard to believe that abomination with Riki Lake is based on the same story ostensibly. Also good to see a great Broadway actress like Jane Cowl in the production.
  20. Fat chance of that as it was designed to be only for those into obscurantism.
  21. Oh, gotcha. I did think you meant he was derisive of that process. Thanx for clarifying.
  22. I would love to be seen as CaveGirl since I always admired her posts. By the way, did you ever contact her directly with a message on this site to ask her about her supposed multiple identities? If you were close to her wouldn't she be happy to tell you which sex she is in reality? Is she banned or what? I will say, it probably is better to have ten or more fake identities here that are interesting than to have just one which is boring, so I approve of anyone who can shape shift. Unfortunately don't know if I would look as good in a mini-skirt as the lovely CG, but that's up to your tast
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