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  1. I thought you implied Nip had a "beef" when you said "Nippy jumped all over the colorization aspect." By the way, I like your Charles McGraw doppelganger photo.
  2. Yeah, we used to drink the Mogen David stuff when we were kids. Goes well with a Lik-A-Maid chaser.
  3. You shoulda used the time joining our Wine Curating Course on the University of Phoenix website, where we learned how to curate wine, by quaffing down all kinds of the stuff for eight hours. After downing 23 wines in the Master Class led by our curating maestro, Clare Ptooey we learned to analyze the color, intensity and flavor of a bunch of things a lot better than my usual fare, Ripple. Clare gave a special class showing how to gently swirl one's liquids in a Waterford Lismore pattern balloon glass, without spilling anything on one's pizza or sub, particularly is one is three sheets to th
  4. I see no problem with colorizing WWII footage. Those people were in color when they were shot for footage, so give it back to them. Has nothing to do with the issue of colorizing a movie, which had artistic reasons for being in black and white, that would possibly be defeated by being in color. What's the beef?
  5. This would work out fine, if my suggestion is not taken that would be...cancel all awards shows. One needs to ask, why do these people need such awards anyway? Looking back on the history of who actually won such things shows how poorly the judging was to begin with, being that many exemplary films got nada and many stinkers won for all kinds of things. Okay, once in a blue moon, something like Lawrence of Arabia is honored but the majority of winners aren't worth their salt. I say, dump the whole shebang and replace it with something worthwhile like live broadcasts of monkeys having a te
  6. Back in the days when the sun didn't set on a certain empire, and imperialist ventures were not so frowned upon, the tales of intrusion into far off cultures brings up memories of things like The Jewel in the Crown. But as times passed a deeper kind of distaste for such plundering was noted in some subterfuges in literature of a science fiction nature like those of H.G. Wells and other authors, by the end of the 19th century. Many seemingly typical sci-fi stories which have been converted into movies, have this underlying antipathy as their basis, hence can be enjoyed on both levels as a ju
  7. Thanks for making me ambi-sexual which is always nice. But I didn't just make that TSER acronym up now, though I did make it up when I posted it originally. Thought your exegesis deserved some complimentary words.
  8. Hey, don't insult my favorite "crud". Classic Mario Bava Giallo, with less zooms than usual. You may have missed Cameron's voice but don't tell me you missed his blonde hair dyed locks. Okay, he may not be able to make that pop in the mouth sound like Feld, but he was a great journeyman actor, NipkowDisc. For Bava fans who enjoy his usage of color in framing, this film is a knockout to view. I own it on dvd but watched the TCM version anyway. Enjoyed your review though for its utter distaste!
  9. I'm partial to the Stingray cast and think Troy Tempest as Heathcliff would be amazing with Marina as Cathy.
  10. Were you hiding the fact you had a missing appendage?
  11. Dr. Ben Casey could be lethal before his medical degree came to fruition. Always dug John Russell from way back and he was one of the best western tv stars. Thanx.
  12. Hey, thanx for your take on Blast of Silence and having never seen Terror in the City, now I hope to as I really dig Lee Grant in anything.
  13. Ya know, the bigger they are, the harder they fall for a dame, Sgt. Markoff, just like that George Jones' classic, He Stopped Loving Her Today. Some men, like that guy called the Ice Man who was a hit man for the mob, was still a homebody with his wife and girls, who had no idea he was knocking off people daily. Really appreciate your first hand review of this film from a theatre setting though since I've only seen it on dvd.
  14. Wouldn't it have been great if The Godfather would have been done in Supermarionation by the Thunderbirds acting crew, Lorna?
  15. Maybe you just have better taste than to read books with chicks named Velda, Lorna?
  16. I kinda get a kick out of Spillane but I also find the cracks made by Paddy Chayefsky in Marty about Spillane's writing skills or lack thereof, hilarious.
  17. I'm reading your post while accompanied by music by Dave Brubeck, namely Take Five and it really works with your post just like Dark Side of the Moon by Floyd works with The Wizard of Oz.
  18. As my plastic surgeon once said...just because Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe both have blonde hair, does not mean they look alike in physiognomy.
  19. Too bad there is not a Communist witch hunt-takeover-mind control genre that one could put this allegorical film by Don Siegel into on the site. Or it could be put into a nature category due to the seed pod substratum.
  20. Chet even gave up his teeth for his art, or rather what was propelling his art by just keeping him alive and kicking. Now that's gutsy. Of course his mother didn't have too many good words to say about him in his latter days but one can't always please mama. Some say that PBS series currently running about Jazz origins is a fine show, Sgt., I'm wondering if you have seen any episodes? I only saw the one on Paul Whiteman, the King of Jazz as some jokingly stated but gotta give him credit for picking up Beiderbecke and Trumbauer even if he didn't let them cut loose at gigs.
  21. I am making a novena for Miss Wonderly since I don't think she is going to like this revolting development and who can blame her?
  22. Boy, oh boy...Bill has sure made you mad, like a little hornet buzzing around in a giant snitfest. Thanx for informing us that "Loudmouth-Atheists" are wrong about the Bible, since you do seem to have cornered the market on the loudmouth category, so ostensibly are an expert. I call this Atheist Abuse. Hath not an atheist hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?
  23. It's been said that a cynic remarked after the death of Elvis Presley that his demise was a "good career move". The derivation of that remark has never been proven totally and it's possible it was said earlier by Gore Vidal about another personality in a slightly altered form but, good career moves do keep a performer forefront in fame and employment. For example, I will use Jack Lemmon as a prototype. Now whether he planned this or not, the fact that in the early days of his movie career, when up and coming, energetic young men were prized in films with an upbeat message, Jack was your g
  24. Why...after this Eric constituted diatribe of yours, one would think you seriously believe that being an "All-Purpose Atheist Gadfly-at-Large" is a bad thing.
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