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  1. The Gallant Hours (another film about the Battle of Guadalcanal) Next: Charade
  2. The Night of the Grizzly Next: an alligator or crocodile
  3. Housewife Next: HTE HWWSOOND
  4. Please give us another hint, Terrence.
  5. 2.) He was born on August 28, 1899 in Figeac, Lot, France.
  6. Everybody Sing Your Worries Away
  7. Four Faces West (another Joel McCrea western from the 40s) Next: Roman Holiday
  8. Mary Poppins (Mr. Dawes, Sr.) Next: pretending to be someone else while talking on the phone
  9. A Slight Case of Larceny (more Mickey Rooney in the 1950s) Next: Having Wonderful Crime
  10. The Fleet's In a Lonely Place in the Sun Valley Serenade
  11. "The Birth of the Blues" (from Painting the Clouds with Sunshine) Next: a song sung by Betty Garrett and another actor/actress
  12. By the Light of the Silvery Moon Next: a billiard table in someone's home
  13. The Tenderfoot Next: GTUARLHE
  14. You got it! Good job, Thenryb. I know how you feel about not being able to remember titles. It drives me crazy when I recognize the storyline on these "name the movie" threads and can't remember the name of the movie! Your turn, Thenryb.
  15. In order to see his daughter on Christmas Eve, the man (the ex-husband) dresses up as Santa Claus and sneaks into his ex-wife's apartment.
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