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  1. The Thin Man of La Mancha
  2. The Hired Hand (1971) (more Warren Oates) Next: Ocean's 11 (1960)
  3. There's a dream ballet sequence in The Little Princess. (The ballet dancers appear near the end of the video clip.) ==== Next: a song that has the word "new" in the title
  4. Indiscreet Next: WSATYOAW
  5. 8.) She was named after Shirley Temple.
  6. 8.) Oscar Hammerstein wrote the lyrics for the songs.
  7. Boy, that was fast! You're absolutely correct, Star. Good job! Your turn.
  8. Thanks, Terrence. Next: Early in his career, this film/stage performer decided to get a new stage name. At first, he couldn't decide which last name to use. One day, he passed by his sister's room and saw a poster of a popular film actor on her bedroom wall. He decided to use part of that actor's name for his new stage name. Please name the film/stage performer and the famous actor that was on the poster.
  9. Boomerang (1947) (another Elia Kazan film noir) Next: Repeat Performance
  10. Thanks, Shutoo. Next: - peach preserves - farm
  11. A Million to One Way Passage to Marseille
  12. "Just Imagine" (from Good News) Next: a song sung at a party
  13. Dirigible Next: HTE HMNTAPO RICRAEGA
  14. "O Little Town of Bethlehem"
  15. Richard Arlen Next: Jerome Silberman
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