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  1. Portrait in Black Narcissus
  2. City for Conquest (another film with James Cagney and Ann Sherdan) Next: It Happened on 5th Avenue
  3. "Meet the Beat of My Heart" (sung by Judy Garland in Love Finds Andy Hardy) Next: a song that has the word "love" in the title
  4. Delicious Next: HTE CAARMMETKH
  5. Bingo! Good job, Star. Your turn.
  6. Correct! Good job, Lavender. I love this movie, too! Your turn, Lavender.
  7. He later meets a woman and takes her with him to a midnight mass service. After the service, they go to a diner. While at the diner, the woman tells him her real name and admits that she is the wife of a convicted murderer.
  8. Two more clues -- - music box - slumgullion
  9. A Slight Case of Murder on the Orient Express
  10. Dancing Sweeties Next: TOPIATECT CAYRELN
  11. Does anyone have another fact to share about this film?
  12. 4.) Her brother is actor Warren Beatty.
  13. Sorry for the delay! I didn't expect to get so busy these last few days. That was a great guess, Arsan, but I have another film in mind. Here are 2 more clues -- - secondhand shop - millionaire
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