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  1. Regardless of what is being compared, I see no point in claiming that a particular era is "the greatest." I can't think of a period of time in any art form that does not contain plenty of masterpieces. Instead of trying to rank them, I'd rather spend my time searching out those I haven't yet seen.
  2. My experience is that relatively little slapstick is truly violent (a person or animal intending harm on a victim). The slapstick in question may be dangerous, or harrowing, but not actually violent. In fact, there's a lot of slapstick in cinema history that is performed by a lone character in a given scene (examples: Keaton - silent; Fields - talkies). The films of The Three Stooges have a large amount of both violent and non-violent slapstick. Moe usually intended harm, but Larry, Curly, and Shemp rarely did.
  3. I also want to thank Dr. Edwards and all the others who made this course possible. I discovered it about 2 weeks after it began. At that same time, I became involved in a new project that required a great deal of time for preparation and practice, which left me with much less time for the Noir course. I only found time to watch some of the films, read the Daily Doses, and take the exams. I regret not having the time to participate in any of the discussions. I hope to catch up with some of them. I've missed the course a great deal, since it ended, and I hope there will be others in the futu
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