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  1. geez who is this female poster who wants to kick peeps off the board i'd like to meet her
  2. i doan think that will be so tasty w/o some pork rinds and beer to wash it all down.
  3. sure hope he didn't make any money off that show
  4. favorite part? the sweet mystery of life song with Kahn
  5. the peeps who think there's a canon in noir are gullible which is why they believe in limiting the years.
  6. Luv that hes giving the establishment gop a run for their money
  7. Anything with Cleese like Fawlty Towers Heres Larry & Curb Your Enthusism
  8. Exactly, Jakeem. Probably more proof about Ted Williams though. I've visited Forest Lawn years ago on a search for Walt. Much remains to be seen. Get it?
  9. With the middle name Byron he would have become a poet as his mother wished.
  10. Very much enjoyed reading this personal reportage about Ms. Novak.
  11. One question not discussed in the PBS show is just where is Walt buried? I do feel sorry for Mortimer though and feel Disney was unfair to him.
  12. Greatest movie ever made. How can one go wrong with actors like Patty Duke as Neely, wardrobe by Travilla, cinematography by John Barrymore's favorite cameraman, Billy Daniels, direction by Mark Robson of The 7th Victim fame and bits by Georgie Jessel and others and it's fun to try to figure out who inspired what characters.Catch it later this week on Turner or buy the dvd.
  13. I think the moderators here are extremely fair. One does not have to use foul language to express displeasure if one has a proper vocabulary.
  14. I vote for La Bete Humaine with Jean Gabin.
  15. Real talent alienates those prone to envy which explains the appeal of many "stars" now.
  16. Possible progenitor for Twin Peaks also.
  17. Don't forget Alphaville is on late tonite.
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