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  1. Klattu was originally from Liverpool then joined Interpol and on to another planet next. Hope that clears things up.
  2. Do you speak Italian. And yeah, Primosprimos is definitely missing sumpin.
  3. So now Ohio is mad. Was McKinley ever at his namesake?
  4. Monkees = Kitsch version of Beatles
  5. DB, If Freed were here he could use the line of Fields " Yeah and you're crazy but in the morning I'll be sober and you'll be crazy for the rest of your life."
  6. Thankx all and Film Lover for the info.
  7. Marshall McLuhan might say the medium is not cool anymore.
  8. Tom Watson of IBM fame was irked at the HAL acronym for obvious reasons. Not many movies can match this monolith.
  9. Hull in Werewolf of London is the cat's meow. Puts the bang in the bite. Oliver Reed having no cartilage in his nose, looked great as a werewolf. Hammer rules.
  10. Luv the bit with the candles burning. Cummins is a stone cold fox.
  11. I see ya luv him too. It's a dirty job watching his films but someone has to do it. Double ha!
  12. Pretty obvious ya didn't check this one above. “At the hearings of House Committee on Legislative Oversight—the congressional subcommittee investigating payola, Dick Clark would testify to holding an ownership stake in a total of 33 different record labels, distributors and manufacturers that all profited handsomely from the rise of Clark-anointed stars like Danny and the Juniors and Frankie Avalon. One of the companies in which Clark had a financial interest was Jamie Records, the label that made Duane Eddy.”
  13. Realizing Salo is not an option would Tcm show The Decameron, Gospel of Saint Matthew or Mamma Roma with Magnani?
  14. Larry David could't write this stuff.
  15. Dodsworth, Ruggles of Red Gap, It Happened One Night, I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
  16. Just cuz she is a beautiful woman should not disqualify her immense charm onscreen. She had an allure and aura that cannot be bought.
  17. You're dead and you just don't know it. I think this may have happened to a few other posters here as well. Maybe you can be interred with some other Capuchin monks who've kicked the bucket.
  18. Maybe Cat Stevens will write a song about it.
  19. The guy's an enigma. Was he great in Kane or was it due to Mankiewicz and his knowledge of the meaning of Rosebud. Who knows. I'll still celebrate Welles for overall work.
  20. Incredibly versatile actor both funny and touching and also can be sinister. I salute him!
  21. JamesJazz, only a good fallen away Catholic probably gets the confession humor stuff. Say three Hail Marys and the Apostolic Creed and go in peace.
  22. For a serious take on Muller's motives check out the New York Times article by Wendell Jamieson which I just read from January 29, 2007 where it is said that: "Mr. Muller, an author and film noir aficianado dreamed up the film festival five years ago as a way to increase visibility for the Film Noir Foundation which he runs, which works to restore the movies, and to promote his own books". The operative words are "to promote his own books". Even a low level operative from the Pinkertons could figure out that all other motives are mostly window dressing to make it all look egalitarian. By
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