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  1. Lots of elected officials are full of lies. Oh you said lice.
  2. Reagan was using some old scripts from Warners during some of his speeches as president they say.
  3. Serves Deutchendorf sp? right for changing his name & coulda been worse and been Denver Pyle or Gomer Pyle.
  4. Sure wish there were a Hecht around now.
  5. Mineo was always touted for his drum playing but I don't think it was that great. Good movie though.
  6. Hair turbans had rats underneath according to my granny & rats were cutoff hair made into switches.
  7. Yeah it was a bit off but back on for Penquin Pool film.
  8. Bring back the Underground TCM.
  9. Just got back from Siena. Saw a Fellini film in Italian in a small theatre which made my day.
  10. Great thread will go with the Pasolini choice or Salo.
  11. Been watching TCM for years and know I've seen silent Garbo on TCM. Maybe just not recently?
  12. Great flick. I wonder why Spielberg did not take Kurosawa's advice back at that dinner when this was discussed.
  13. I'm a believer due to your great post. Knew none of this info so thanks and can't wait to watch.
  14. Hey gotta go with Gordoncole’s take on Muller being no film noir expert. I’d say Muller is more like the Cliff Notes version but this would be an insult to Cliff Notes cuz they are actually more deep. He’s more like the comic book Classic Illustrated spokesperson for these movies which is probably why when Cole started the thread he was referencing the original French source material as being way superior to these latter day experts like Muller and others and their agendas. There was some question here about the real spelling of Muller’s name but I don’t think that Muller even is his real name
  15. Seed pod time. 2nd version not bad just not near as good.
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