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  1. make it tradition to show silent night , bloody night every december on tcm underground.
  2. no more of this boring crud and fake underground "CLASSICS". Give us some Roger Corman ! Give us some garbage like the Drive-in massacre , Born for Hell , Legend of big foot , Devil Times Five. To name a few. And no more repeats of the same old underground shorts. I'm sick of seeing perversion for profit on every month. If you're going to do it , do it right.
  3. Thank you TCM for re-showing Fragments. I haven't seen it in years. So happy you shown it again. Loved seeing the beautiful Clara Bow in color. Those Laurel and Hardy fragments were interesting. It's a darn shame this films no longer exist in complete form. Perhaps one day...
  4. with the zoomed in widescreen movies and the 4:3 black and whites. I prefer TCM 480p for the picture format. I think 30s and 40s films should be shown without black bars. If it's a 50s movie , sure. No problem. Just bugs the crud out of me. I'd watch TCM HD if it weren't for the picture formatting. I tried fixing it. It doesn't work.
  5. I hated this darn movie. Couldn't get into it. I've seen Robert DuVall in better movies than this pile of poop.
  6. Lawrence of Arabia. Can't understand what's so good about it. It bores the heck out of me. I find Gone With the Wind more entertaining.
  7. more of the same old stinkers that have been re-run to death.
  8. I really believe this movie needs to be preserved by the library of congress. Those of you who've seen it know what I mean. Robin Johnson made the movie with the performance she did. The film isn't perfect. It could've been better if the film wasn't cut and tampered with./ We may never see that missing film footage , but at least let's preserve what does exist. And hope it's not too late. This movie is a lost classic. It's needs to be saved before it slips through the cracks like so many other films. I'm still waiting for TCM to air it ! it's been two years for it to be rescheduled ! DVD
  9. Ronald , Robert ... whatever. All I'm sure is Vivien Leigh was in it and it was damn good compared to this boring pile of mold. I never liked Mae Clarke. Don't know why. I love the grapefruit scene in Public Enemy and that scene in Frankenstein when the monster makes his way into the house.
  10. which version is better and why and which one one is scarier ? Barrymore is scariest mr hyde imho.
  11. Times Square - 1980 starring Robin Johnson It was suppose to be on TCM Underground two years ago. It never aired and I'm still waiting. It's been out of print for years.
  12. The real 1925 Phantom of the opera. Not the 1929-30 reissue version.
  13. More Buster Keaton please ! It would be awesome if you could have a whole day to Buster. All of his silent features. Maybe have a Buster Keaton birthday marathon
  14. This always bugs me. Why are movies from the 30s and 40s shown in 4:3 on TCMHD while on the standard Definition channel , it's 16:9. And why are widescreen movies shown zoomed in with the bars cropped off ? This thing bugs the hell out of me. Why can't everything be shown the right way !! ? I hate it !
  15. I mean Robert Taylor. Not Ronald Coleman. I got the two mixed up. Pretty sure Vivien Leigh was in it. TCM showed it a few days ago. The same day they show Gone With The wind.
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