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  1. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Once again, you have demonstrated that you have a hole in your soul.
  2. Sometimes looping is done to change a line of dialogue...the first one I think of is Adrienne Barbeau's character in Creepshow (1982), who has the line: "...Emily Vanderbilt...or Amy VanBuren...whoever that etiquette crotch is!" It obviously sounds post-looped. Watching the unaltered deleted version of the scene, what she actually said originally is: "...Emily Vanderbilt...or Amy VanBuren...whoever that ****ing **** is!". Maybe director George Romero thought the original was too strong for the character to say, as much of a foul-mouthed shrew the character is, but it was change
  3. > {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}LOL, is that you in the drawing? If so, you look like a university professor. If it's a true HD signal, one should be able to stretch, zoom, or do whatever without much substantial picture quality loss...because it is HD. HD doesn't necessarily mean a 16x9 ratio. No, that's not me...not even close.
  4. Her infamous skinnydipping scene in the film is rather cute and funny.
  5. > {quote:title=johnpressman wrote:}{quote} > In "Marty" all the scenes filmed on the streets of the Bronx are dubbed. I figured that when I saw the movie recently...but the sound quality of those scenes is very good. It doesn't sound like post-dubbing.
  6. > {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}Wow, you're on a roll today.
  7. > {quote:title=AddisonDeWitless wrote:}{quote} *(Mr. Hoffman* appears courtesty of *PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN.)* > pss- he's a BIG, SALTY HAM and he SUCKED as Capote. I saw the Capote movie INFAMOUS with Toby Jones as Truman, and thought he was much better.
  8. > {quote:title=RMeingast wrote:}{quote} > Film is basically a British history lesson about "Windmill Girls" (Mr. Hoskins plays Van Damm in film): Thanks for the correction...I thought his name was Brown. Only saw the movie once.
  9. They could have been the Doris Day/Rock Hudson of that studio.
  10. I also think Dean Martin was just right for that movie.
  11. > {quote:title=ginnyfan wrote:}{quote}I like TCMHD because I don't have to zoom and fuzzify (a technical term) the picture in order to fill the screen. I will admit that anytime I use the Zoom setting, the image becomes "fuzzified" , but I don't actually use Zoom that often, and when I do it's simply to have a letterboxed non-anamorphic image properly fit my 16x9 screen. That's actually more important to me when I do use Zoom because some movies simply look horrid if they're not fitting the screen dimensions correctly.
  12. This thread has definitely gotten...loopy. :^0
  13. I actually have enjoyed Godfather 3. It's decidedly different than the first two, but still enjoyable.
  14. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}Yes, it's only a shadow of its former self. ...but "The Shadow knows!" :^0
  15. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote} > > ( I gues this means the "Ghost Board" topic has wandered pretty far from its origins.) > It's a "ghost" of what it began as? :^0
  16. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}Well, since I've never heard of that song, it must be no good. :| It's apparently rather famous in blues circles. Several different versions are on YouTube.
  17. Even in the surviving footage from *Something's Got To Give* , she still looks spectacular.
  18. > {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}Didn't Jimmy Stewart star in a film called FIREFOX? Don't know...but Clint Eastwood directed and starred in one.
  19. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}And if we just all recognized that a film or even just a scene in a film is great at the time the film came out, there'd never be any discussion of said film afterwards. > > "Oh yeah, everyone knows that shower scene in Psycho is pretty amazing and shocking, we knew that in 1960, so why bother talking about it now?" > As far as the (infamous) violence in the Godfather films...especially the first one...it may seem rather tame by today's standards, but it still packs a punch (especially that horse's head). This is probably because of
  20. > {quote:title=PrinceSaliano wrote:}{quote}Bring 'em, TCM... > > BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN - Boris Karloff, Colin Clive > MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD - Claude Rains, Douglass Montgomery, David Manners > NIGHT LIFE OF THE GODS - Alan Mowbray, Florine McKinney, Peggy Shannon > THE RAVEN - Karloff & Lugosi > REMEMBER LAST NIGHT? - Edward Arnold, Robert Young, Constance Cummings > WEREWOLF OF LONDON - Henry Hull, Warner Oland, Valerie Hobson I have those... *Night Life Of The Gods* is interesting, but I suspect Universal may no longer have rights to it because it
  21. Note: You can only edit your own post if it isn't more than 24 hours old. Just found that out.
  22. > {quote:title=misswonderly wrote:}{quote}If a thread has moved down to the bottom of the page or even onto page 2, it can be "bumped" back up if one posts on it again ( obviously) or even just edits one of their own posts ( as long as the post isn't more than 24 hours old.) > Which is precisely what I did;at around 6 pm or so I simply edited a post I'd made on this thread earlier in the day, for the purpose of bringing it forward again. I even admitted that's why I'd done it on the thread, in the "edit" section. I'm pretty sure that's called "bumping" a thread. Exactly...even if a
  23. Definitely memorable in anything you see him in. Don't forget the more recent movie *Mrs. Henderson Presents* ...he has a full frontal nude scene in that which becomes quite funny, especially when Judi Dench walks in and exclaims "Why Mr. Brown...you are Jewish!"
  24. There can actually be slight incompatibilities between different browsers....something might work with Firefox (which I usually use), but may not work the same with Internet Explorer. The tech tweaking of the board has to make it work with all browsers.
  25. > {quote:title=Hoosier205 wrote:}{quote} Top-notch? Such as.... That's irrelevant to this topic, which is about the Godfather films.
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