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  1. It is a beautiful thing watching Clark Gable and Carole Lombard interact with each other. They are one of my favorite Hollywood couples of all time, and "No Man of Her Own" is a lovely Paramount movie. We are so fortunate that MGM was willing to lend Gable over to Paramount for this one! I hope you enjoy and as always feel free to send me review recommendations!
  2. I loved this movie! Jean Harlow and Clark Gable have such great chemistry and they always leave me wanting more of them! I have been watching a lot of Gable movies lately so expect more reviews with him in the near future!
  3. This is my favorite The Twilight Zone Christmas episode! Donald Pleasence makes everything he is in so much better. I highly recommend watching this episode every Christmas season because it teaches us to be kind to our fellow neighbor because you never know who needs a little kindness in their day...especially around Christmas time! I will have one more The Twilight Zone Christmas review for you all this Christmas special! I hope you all are staying warm!
  4. Since there is no "Drama" Forum, I had to post this here in "Romance," since I think it is the closest thing to match with this movie. This is definitely the most dramatic "Christmas" movie review that I have ever done, but "All Mine to Give" is definitely is a good watch during Christmas time. It is not an instant Christmas time classic, but I recommend watching it at least once in your life! I hope you all enjoy the review! Let me know if you enjoy these more obscure Christmas time movie reviews!
  5. I have found myself a new Christmas tradition this year! And that is watching all the Twilight Zone Christmas episodes! "The Night of the Meek" is the perfect way to kick off this new tradition and I recommend to anyone who loves the magic of Christmas time to watch it...because things like this only happen in...the twilight zone... Let me know what you all thought of my review and if you would enjoy more The Twilight Zone episode reviews in the future! Merry Christmas to all!
  6. This was such a charming movie to watch at Christmas time! It has a beautiful message that a person's wealth is not measured by the amount of money or things he owns, but by the amount of love they are surrounded by. "It Happened on 5th Avenue" will most likely become a movie I watch every December! It has so many good one-liners and quotes and is overall a heartwarming film which we all need in 2020!
  7. Up next will be "It Happened on 5th Avenue." I'll be working on that over the next couple of days. Then, I have something a little different planned...you'll see
  8. Hey Top! Long time no see! Yes, it has been a very long time, but time sure does fly. Seems like I posted this at the perfect time since "Holiday Affair" will be on tonight! It's nice to see that you are still very active on the forums.
  9. Greetings classic movie lovers! After years of inactivity on my YouTube channel, I have returned this Christmas season to making more content! 2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone around the world, including myself, so I figured it is the best time to give back to the classic movie community with some more reviews! It feels good to return to doing what I am passionate about! I am kicking off the Christmas season with another Christmas Special! "Holiday Affair" was a joy to watch and reminded me of the feeling when you are a child and you have such a strong desire for a toy...a
  10. This is a sweet romance film but ultimately forgettable. I would recommend watching it once...but probably not again. Please leave a comment or a like! I love hearing from you all.
  11. This is a sweet romance film that I think is definitely worth watching! It launched Robert Taylor's career and made him a household name. I hope you all are enjoying my romance reviews! That's pretty much all I feel like watching these days...Sorry to my horror fans! Be sure to subscribe or leave a comment!
  12. They are great Christmas time movies! Even though the whole film doesn't take place during Christmas, it still has that "feel."
  13. This is perhaps Greta Garbo's best performance of her short career. I certainly enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it to romance lovers. Robert Taylor is always a joy to watch in his early days!
  14. I've always thought wax figures are really creepy...it's hard to believe this movie was made in 1933! It's super creepy... Keep an eye out for the next spooky review! It's going to be a really horrific one!
  15. In case your interested, my review from last year on this creepy classic
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