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  1. I'm not sure what to make of this. Not only did Comcast Ted (and/or his staff) fix the audio/video sync problem, but also he sent me a gift (a movie trivia book) to thank me for reporting the problem. Perhaps some of you who also reported to Comcast Ted will also receive a gift. Feels surreal. To paraphrase him, he says that the good news is that Comcast and the Turner team have identified the problem and expect a better experience in future. In his enclosed letter, Ted even gave me his work email address. Amazing. I will hold onto it. I asked him what we should do when this sync issue
  2. Just got confirmation that Comcast Ted did fix the sync problem. To paraphrase, the Comcast engineering team identified the problem and fixed it around 11:34 pm last night. There was an issue with the audio sync on the fiber feed that Comcast gets from TCM. The Comcast engineers switched over to the backup satellite delivery feed while the original problem is being investigated. Comcast Ted thanks us for reporting the problem on the forums--I assume he means the Comcast forums. David
  3. Yes, seems the sync problem has been fixed. I wonder by what person or persons? Perhaps we'll never know. I don't want to be complacent here. A few days of no recurrence may convince me. Keep checking and watching, I guess, should be the plan. David (Tucson, AZ)
  4. Here we go again. Just chiming in that TCM HD via Comcast here in Tucson, Arizona, is ONCE AGAIN seriously out of audio/video sync Has been since at least the weekend, if not longer. TCM SD is fine. I wonder how many days or weeks this will take to fix. I just checked TCM HD On Demand from Comcast. Ben's intro to Silent Sunday Night from June 4th was just fine. The version telecast on TCM HD on that same Sunday was wildly out of sync. I just reported this to "ComcastTeds" to see if he can help. Let Comcast know! Deja vu...all over again. David
  5. Thanks for your thoughts, jbderwin. You may be correct--a Windows Vista issue. If so, Hulu and Netflix desktop streaming are not affected. Actually, I felt some relief to let the hassle go and cancel Filmstruck. That having been said, I'd still be watching the Criterion films if they were still available on Hulu and I'd be watching them via the smart app on my Blu Ray player. So, I'll wait and see if the Criterion staff's promise of an app for smart players and tv's sometime in 2017 actually happens. They did tell me via phone and email that there are problems with the desktop function
  6. It is nice that there is a functioning tech support team for FILMSTRUCK/THE CRITERION CHANNEL. Sadly, they could never get things to work for me. As someone waiting for the development of a app/icon to work with smart TV's and Blu Ray players, I was encouraged when staff at Criterion said such an app is in the works for some time in 2017. Meanwhile, I joined after my free trial and found, to my dismay, that sitting at my computer to watch didn't work. No luck at all. Movies wouldn't start, an error message kept appearing, and occasionally I'd get a brief start/stop/start/stop of a film's
  7. I've still put off subscribing or even doing the free trial. Since I'll have to watch on my computer, it has been easy to delay. I wish an app to work with most smart televisions and blu ray players would be developed. Many of us stream Netflix and Hulu with a simple click of an icon. It is fine that owners of other equipment (Roku, Apple TV, etc.) are or will be served by Filmstruck. But what about the large number of us who don't want to invest in new equipment or subscribe to something in addition to the cost of Filmstruck? I suppose when I do join or do a trial, the first thing I'll
  8. I will likely use the free trial soon to check out the library. Have been basking in Japanese films of the 30's through the 50's from Criterion via Hulu. Almost none of these many wonderful films have every been available on dvd or blu ray from Criterion. I just ended my Hulu membership with a sharp word to them about how stinking it was for them not to send one word out to subscribers about the Criterion Collection license ending. Hulu didn't even post a note on their press page about the change. As to Filmstruck and the Criterion Channel, I'd love to find out if out of print Criterion
  9. Thanks, Cris. But, the HDMI would have to be 50 feet long. Not practical. If Filmstruck (and especially the Criterion Channel) is going to be a serious contender for Hulu streaming of Criterion titles, someone will have to develop a non-hardware way of streaming to a smart TV or smart blu ray player. That means, I guess, creating an app easy to access from Samsung and similar smart players and televisions. Since I'm one of many, I'm sure, who balks at paying Comcast every month to rent their dvr/cable box, I'm never going to invest in another rent-a-machine like Roku or Amazon Fire. Bein
  10. Lawrence: Thanks for the update. I plan to join after the Criterion Collection stops streaming next week on HULU. Do you have a sense yet about how the Criterion Channel on Filmstruck will work? I'm assuming one must join both--i.e., one can't just subscribe to the Criterion Channel alone. Another question I have is whether Filmstruck/Criterion Channel will offer a way to "grab" or download an app onto a smart tv or blu ray player so that one can stream seamlessly as one can with Hulu. No sign yet, obviously, of a downloadable icon on my Samsung for either of these new services. As
  11. Thanks for thinking of me. I am following this topic now. The other thread was for folks dealing with the continuing problem of TCM HD audio/video lack of sync and other such transmission and tech problems which were not being addressed by anyone at TCM. I thought those folks might be interested in the issues surrounding FILMSTRUCK and the Criterion Channel and the assurance I received from Criterion about customer service. Perhaps that means that those of us who end up subscribing may be able to get assistance if there are problems with either of these new services. I hope so. Speak
  12. I heard back from a significant person at Criterion who sent me an email after I'd telephoned them. He said the details of FILMSTRUCK (and presumably the Criterion Channel which I'm more interested in) are still being worked out. I was happy to hear him assure me that FILMSTRUCK would have its own customer service which will be separate from TCM. He expects there to be a live chat feature, seven days a week, to answer any and all questions. He told me there would be more answers to my questions closer to the launch date in November and invited me to write him again after the launch. Sti
  13. Thanks so much for your quick and pertinent reply, LawrenceA. Funny...when I talked to Criterion today, the lady there said she thought most of the tech/customer support issues would be handled by TCM and not by Criterion. I guess we'll have to wait and see. This is the most important issue for me. TCM has no customer/tech support. We can only scream our dissatisfaction here on this message board. HULU offers good tech support. With multiple subscription packages to be offered and with streaming tech issues to deal with, the powers-at-be--whoever they are--must instigate a working tech
  14. I posted the following item on several FILMSTRUCK related topics here today. As one of many who was involved with discussions here about TCM audio/video sync problems and TCM's lack of response to them, I thought some here might be interested. David ---------------- The latest email about FILMSTRUCK and the CRITERION CHANNEL indicates the new services start on October 19th and that HULU's license to stream Criterion titles ends on November 11. Sad for me who just joined HULU one month ago entirely because of the amazing Criterion library (which includes hundreds of titles not on dis
  15. The latest email about FILMSTRUCK and the CRITERION CHANNEL indicates the new services start on October 19th and that HULU's license to stream Criterion titles ends on November 11. Sad for me who just joined HULU one month ago entirely because of the amazing Criterion library (which includes hundreds of titles not on disk). I have questions which I posed when I called HULU--yes, they have a working customer support phone number--and when I called the Criterion Collection. So, both HULU and Criterion offer ways to talk to a human being when there are problems...something TCM has never o
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