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  1. I just dumped DirectTV after the jerk rep I called for the umpteenth time tried to convince me I'm the only person to ever complain. I think I'll live without TCM. Many of the movies they show are available on Netflix. And in excellent quality. Face it folks. Nobody at TCM or DirectTV cares about quality.
  2. Today on TCM I noticed Gunga Din was stuttering badly. The sound also stuttered. I have the movie on the DVR recorded back before there was a problem. It plays perfectly. This must end or I'll stop watching TCM altogether.
  3. Watching All About Eve on TCM I noticed the image stuttered badly so I backed it up a minute then let it play agai.m The stuttering was reduced, but was still there and in the very same sections in the scene. I repeated this several times to where I was able to almost get rid of it. Earlier, TCM ran Dark of the Sun which played perfectly. It's obvious there's a serious problem with TCM when viewed over DirectTV. I was seeing this same stuttering intermittently on HBO, Encore and Starz. But it seems to have vanished with those channels.
  4. Same situation for me. I had to switch the movie off. It was the worst example yet. I think the powers that be at TCM should light a fire under DirectTV management because if indeed the problem is Direct's and not TCM's, DirectTV is causing viewers to switch to a different channel. The other day when I took my car in for routine service and waited for it, in the waiting room they had a big screen HD TV up on the wall fed by DirectTV. They left the remote control on the table so since no one was there watching the TV, I picked up the remote and tried several channels that I know exhibit the stuttering problem. It was there clear to see! So when anyone here calls to complain and are told there's no problem, you know they're lying. I get different answers each time I call to complain. Sometimes the rep will admit there is an issue and they're working to correct it. But other times I'm told there is no problem, that I'm the only one who's complained. This frustrates me to no end.
  5. As of 4-8-16, DirectTV is supposedly working to resolve the problem. They admit it's a known issue that affects movie channels such as TCM. Now, as to whether or not they do fix it, I believe that's up to conjecture. An engineer friend tells me to really fix it would require chucking all the receiver/DVRs and replacing them with new ones designed to handle the encoding issue. We all know they will never do that. So they are probably trying to resolve it with a software update. Don't hold your breath.
  6. The problem is affecting HBO channel 509 on Direct TV. They're running The Godfather Saga. It's stuttering like mad. I tried backing up, then replaying it. After several attempts it did minimized it, but didn't entirely remove it. VERY ANNOYING! I saw this on TCM today. Sometimes even the promos stutter with sound drop-out's. I also noticed the problem always shows up on certain movies while others are fine like Ben-Hur and The Magnificent Seven.
  7. I have the very latest Direct TV DVR. In fact I have two. The tech who came to the house told me it affects every receiver/DVR Direct TV uses. He said it's actually worse using the more expensive Genie. The latest I learned is Direct TV is trying to fix the problem using a software download. But so far, nothing works. Backing up and then playing only works some of the time. Then after twenty or thirty minutes, the problem usually returns.
  8. Yes, I see it intermittently on other movie channels. HBO, Cinemax, Encore and Sony. Channel 531 is especially bad. Complaining gets me nowhere. I doubt if I cancel with DirectTV that they'll care that much. They tell me hardly anyone complains.
  9. So far, repeatedly backing up then replaying only works 10% of the time. And even when it minimizes the problem, it tends to return. I called up DirectTV and gave them 60 days to correct the problem. If they fail, I cancel my subscription.
  10. I haven't watched TCM for over a week. Tonight I flipped it on as they were showing That Uncertain Feeling. The image was stuttering like frames were missing. The sound had intermittent drop-out's. After a minute or so of watching I tried backing up then playing it. Same issues. I tried several times with no improvement so I switched it off. I guess whatever the problem is, nobody in a position to fix it gives a damn.
  11. The problem now seems to be there all the time. This has made it impossible for me to watch TCM. I guess nobody at TCM cares.
  12. I replaced both DirectTV DVRs within the last six months. Same problems are seen. The DirectTV tech assured me I have the very latest non/Genie versions.
  13. 'In October TCM changed the way they are encoding and/or container in some movies. I'm guessing they increased the compression and/or decreased the bitrate. The DirecTV HR24 is unable to cope with decoding the new coding/container method. It can't decode the video fast enough, so skips frames. If you play around with +/- timecode, you may get lucky and hit a buffering that allows the timing to work. Bottom line -- TCM encoding is now incompatible with HR24 decoding. I am a video editor, and can force this problem by trying to squeeze the size on a video by excessive compression and/or insufficient bit rate.'' You are 100% correct! I just had a very long conversation with someone who up till a month ago worked for DirectTV who was quite candid with me. He said the upper echelon knows of the problem, that it's ongoing and so far there has been no remedy obtained. It affects several HD channels, but only with movies, not sports or live broadcasts. He believes it will eventually be resolved. But I'm beginning to wonder. I just called again to complain with DirectTV customer service. The rep I spoke with claimed no one is complaining, that it must be my receiver and that they can send out a tech. I hung up on her. I'm fed up. I might cancel DirectTV today.
  14. Direct TV channel 535 (Encore HD) shows the same problem as do a few premium HD movie channels. But I never see it on pay per view! Funny how that is. I'm with you. If the problems continue, I'll cancel Direct TV and just rely on Netflix to watch movies. It's a much cheaper option. Many are in full HD. Right now TCM is running The Longest Day which is jumping, studdering with intermittent sound drop-out's. It's unwatchable.
  15. If I have to use four letter words to get someone'svattention, then I'll pass. It tells me it's not worth it. I stopped watching TCM. I now use Netflix. They have all the classic films, many in HD. So far, no image or sound issues.
  16. It appears to be a TCM problem. I have DirectTV. A friend sees the same problems using Dish Network. The Direct TV engineering dept. told me they see it coming from TCM. It's intermittent. Sometimes two days will pass with no issues. Then it begins all over again, sometimes with a vengeance. So whoever moderates this forum I ask the following. Have you read this thread and reported it to the engineers at TCM? I'd appreciate a response.
  17. It's to the point that I stopped watching TCM. Nobody there cares. The people at Direct TV don't seem to care either. This has been an ongoing problem since October of last year. It's inexcusable.
  18. I believe the problem originates from speeding up the movies. I see the same problem on both Showtime and Encore. But not nearly as often as with TCM.
  19. It's not your receiver. It's a broadcast issue confirmed by Direct TV. They claim there's nothing they can do. The problems originates with TCM. I had a Direct TV tech come to my house to check my equipment. It all tested out fine. He looked at the problem and said it wasn't my equipment. A friend who has Direct TV sees the very same problem with TCM and another friend who uses Dish Network sees it. Since it's been an ongoing problem for several months, I get the feeling those at TCM either don't care or cannot fix the issue.
  20. The problems have returned with a vengeance. The picture jumps and the sound breaks up.
  21. The problem seems to have stopped. At least for the time being. For the last four days I haven't noticed any skipping or jumping or sound drop-out's on TCM. Maybe someone at TCM read the complaints and did something about it. One feature that really had the problem was The Great Escape. But when TCM just ran it, the transfer looked great.
  22. Direct TV says it's originating with TCM. Seeing it seems to show up on the same movies such as The Candidate, I'd bet TCM either has a bad master or they're speeding it up. Yesterday, I saw no problem with several films including Cool Hand Luke and The Dirty Dozen.
  23. TCM is running The Sting. It's jumping with what looks like frames missing. Doesn't anyone at TCM care about this? I'm beginning to wonder.
  24. I gave up trying to watch The Great Escape. The image was jumping and the sound was stuttering.
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