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  1. Well, it's clear to me that the "out of sync" issue is far too complicated for my limited tech brain, but I do get the gist of what's being conveyed here. TCM is now back in sync this afternoon here in Northern California, but I have every reason to suspect that it will happen again...and again. It's getting to where I don't even trust my eyes anymore. All this info regarding "packets" and TCP/IP stacks and SDV blocks is fine and well and I'm sure "correct" - but 99% of us are not digital engineers. We just want this problem permanently fixed. All of this is just another example of how ri
  2. Hey ArchieLeachJr - If you want some previous history on this eternally vexing problem, just look back at all the earlier threads here on the "Problems With TCM" forum. You'll see that it goes back to 2015-2016. Earlier, I just went down the Comcast rabbit hole and re-established my acct info and went into the community forums there where you'll again find plenty of info about this audio out-of-sync issue. It took several of us disgruntled viewers weeks of posting just to figure out that the problem is definitely with Comcast. The only person (or persons) who has tried to help is "Comc
  3. Well, here I am once again. Watching TCM HD and it's OUT OF SYNC! I'm so fed up with this! It seems to get fixed for a few days maybe a week and then......why can't they figure this out! Both Comcast and TCM are aware of this and they know specifically what the problem is. Everything was in sync last night. Again, I ask, is anyone seeing anything on the Comcast forums? Does Comcast Ted know? God, I'm so **** about this. Guess I need to spend another precious 1/2 hour or more to re-establish a new account and password on Comcast, and then spend another 15-20 minutes trying to find the freekin'
  4. Thanks LawrenceA and ArchieLeachJr (great username by the way) for picking this up. Yes Lawrence, you did essentially get the technical part right. I've started these threads all too frequently (so has StephenL and DavidST). It's true that posting on the Comcast/Xfinity forums is more effective, but I've grown weary. I do believe that these are "1st world problems" and consequently a waste of one's time and energy because technology is always leaping ahead. Trying to keep up with it is really a losing battle, but given what we're paying for all all of this - that's ultimately what makes it so
  5. What's so puzzling about this - we're watching "Marlowe" (James Garner and Bruce Lee)! but now, we're noticing the dialogue is slightly behind and ......OUT OF **** sync! Do the Comcast and TCM people see this? Is it too subtle for them to notice?
  6. Archie - just read some of the previous posts. This has been off and on, but an on-going issue for over 2 years. Ultimately, Comcast and TCM are both aware of the audio sync problem but have yet to fully resolve it.
  7. Just finished watching TCM Essentials with Letterman. Can't believe the host segments continue to be slightly out of sync but the features are in sync. Just crazy. Really wondering why Comcast and TCM can't get this technical issue resolved once and for all. Anyone else noticing this or am I "seeing things?"
  8. Just noticed. Now both feature film and host segments out of sync. Really hope this gets resolved permanently! So very frustrating as we all have better things to do with our time - like watching classic films that are IN SYNC. Perry (East Bay, Northern Cal.)
  9. Well, this is certainly interesting info to say the least. Thanks David. I guess ComcastTed is where to go when this out of sync issue rears it's ugly head. Watching TCM tonight and surprise surprise - the movie's audio is in sync, but the segments with the TCM hosts are wildly Out Of Sync! This just seems completely absurd to me. What the hell is going on here? I am not on the Comcast forums and don't plan on creating a new acct. or password (that I long ago forgot). Would appreciate if someone might take a look there and see if anyone has noticed the bizarre "out of sync" host segments on TC
  10. Agree. Will continue to monitor. I recall it being "fixed" before only to have it go out of sync again after a few days. Still in sync as of 11:30 pm west coast time.
  11. Watching "Giant" right now and audio is back in sync. Will see how long it lasts.
  12. Hey StephenQ - Here we are again. Thanks for posting the Comcast threads from last time. Proof right there that this issue is known and solvable, but is anyone listening? Apparently not.
  13. Thanks David - yes, here we go again. I will check the Comcast site. I don't remember exact details, but I seem to recall that this problem requires both Comcast and TCM to work "together" for a fix. Something to do with a satellite feed and receiving stations.
  14. StephenQ - All we can do is continue to voice our frustration and hope there are others experiencing this issue. The longer and more frequent we post on this thread the more likely they'll do something about it. As I said, it took multiple complaints and several days until this issue was fixed before. Last time this happened I was able to find out some useful info on the Comcast/Xfinity message boards.
  15. Here we go again. The audio out-of-sync problem is back with a vengeance. This was a continuing problem over the past few years (especially back in late 2015). Thought it had been solved as we haven't noticed it for more than a year. Just returned from a vacation and tuned-in to a terribly out-of-sync "Detour" last night. It's still badly out of sync this morning. I certainly hope TCM responds to this soon as it took maximum effort from multiple viewers to get TCM tech people to fix it. We are in the SF Bay Area. This is NOT a Comcast issue. It is a satellite transmission problem with TCM!
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