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  1. Omg! Cant BELIEVE I FORGOT THE BEST!!! Night after Night.... Coatcheck girl to Mae West: Goodness, what BEAUTIFUL diamonds!!! Mae West: Goodness had nothing to do with it Sweetie!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!
  2. I have SO MANY!!! Joan Crawford in The Women, "Theres a name for ladies like you, only in high society it isn't used outside of a Kennel." For some reason, the guy in Scream, after being stabbed saying, "I'm feeling a little woozy" keeps coming to me! Clark Gable in It Happened One Night...on the bus arguing with the bys driver. ...They go back and forth with Clark taking smack, the bus driver always saying, Oh Yeah, a b d Clark says, YOU GOT ME...YEAH!!! I LOVED THAT!!! lol Wow so many good ones though!!!!
  3. I just read a different synopsis of Tiger Shark...and possibly it IS the movie I was thinking of?? I guess I just need to order Tiger Shark and watch it again. I haven't seen it in a long time and it's POSSIBLE I'M remembering part of one movie, and PART of another! lol The old noodle is NOT what she used to be!!! Thanks for answering!
  4. I thought maybe it was.... But the synopsis didn't seem right? For whatever reason...I still keep remembering it as being called The Key. That's what is really stumping me! Plus in watching The Key today, the storyline was SO SIMILAR! It's driving me CRAZY! lol Btw* I meant to say he thought he was a HIT with the ladies! I just can't type on this phone! lol Thank you though!!!
  5. I am watching TCM and the movie on is called The Key. It made me remember a movie with a VERY SIMILAR storyline, only it was Edward G. Robinson as the Captain of a boat. He was a drunk that claimed to be a hut with the ladies, when in actuality he wasn't. He did get some lady (can't remember who?) but she married him. There was something about a key being passed to a "friend" who was actually having an affair with the wife.?? I went through Edward G. Robinsons whole movie bio and couldn't find it?? But I SWEAR he was the lead...seems like he had an accent? Maybe Portuguese? I also THOUG
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