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  1. I've reached the same conclusion that the reminder service is now for paid apps and no longer a free service via email for reminders to your computer. I have continued to test the email reminder and still get nothing, so I presume it is gone and as I said in a previous post, if that is the case, TCM should make that clear and let people know it now a smartphone app only and no longer an email reminder service and they should immediately remove anything on the website that leads users to believe they can get an email reminder to their computer.
  2. Just to update this thread, I've tested the email reminder system a couple more times and got nothing and so far there's been no response from TCM or their moderators, so I have to presume that the reminder system is no longer functional. If that IS the case, please TCM, REMOVE that option from the website, or at least tell viewers not to depend anymore on email reminders to catch their favorite movies. Thank you.
  3. thanks for the info....if TCM does end their reminder service, the only way to keep up with programming would be the guide, so I may have to do that. I agree, it's a bit of work, but to know what's playing when so that I can set up a taping or viewing time, it's worth it.
  4. thanks for tweeting, maybe that will get their attention on this matter.
  5. I already did....I responded to someone else's post from August who was also having the reminder problem....got no response so posted on general discussions where I found this thread, so hopefully with enough postings in enough places, we will get an answer to the problem.
  6. thanks! In the meantime, I would still like to know what's going on with the reminder service. I used a different email address just to test - still nothing. Checked spam, no emails. So, it looks like the service is not functioning. Can anyone at TCM or a moderator find out for sure what's going on with it?
  7. I just saw this thread - i have been having the same problem and had posted about it on a different thread a few days ago. I missed "Westworld" and realized that I hadn't been getting reminders for about two weeks, so it would seem that coincides with your experience of not getting reminders lately. I've tested it a few times and still, no reminder. What's going on? Will someone at TCM please let us know? If the reminder service has been discontinued, I'd like to know for sure so that I can go back to writing down the titles the old fashioned way, day by day. That'll be a HUGE pain but
  8. I am having the same problem! I missed Westworld and several other movies this past week, when I realized I wasn't getting reminders. So, now it's two of us reporting this problem. I had a ton of reminders lined up for October, because it's a great month for horror/scifi stuff that i can't get any other time of the year, so will I have to go back every day and write down the days/ times and miss some great things? Please TCM look into this! Are certain email providers blocking the emails? I use yahoo, and checked my spam folder to see if the reminders were being sent there, but there were
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