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  1. This 1952 UK film will not be broadcast in Canada and is not apparently available on NTSC DVD. Can someone make me an SP DVD-R of this? If so, please let me know! Thanks!
  2. Sadly the dashed lines ARE still present on mostly Turner related 4x3 titles such as old RKO, Warners, etc. However any Janus or Criterion products have no dashed lines. The SD signal in my area has been blown up to HD size so you can only view the dashed lines on a DVD you have recorded...
  3. I think this issue may now be resolved. A week after writing a letter to the head office I have no longer experienced any dashed lines. Also the SD picture is now the same size as the HD one.
  4. Here's a recent example: the Disney Treasures broadcast of THE STORY OF ROBIN HOOD had these jagged white lines above the frame, while the broadcast of THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR did not. Nor did either of the Leonard Maltin intros have them. Can this problem not be isolated and fixed? Remember I'm only referring to the Standard Broadcast of these films...
  5. I have commented on this same problem more recently. The " dashed lines" or "overscan " are showing up on about 50 per cent of the films shown in standard definition, where, because of the black space all around the frame, it is more noticeable. Obviously if the other 50 per cent of the films don't have this overscan, TCM should be able to check their equipment and isolate it!
  6. For the past month or so on standard definition reception only, about half the films shown have this thin, jagged white line above the film frame, making viewing very distracting. Someone said it's the closed caption info that should NOT be seen, yet is--but only on some films. This is a fairly recent phenomena that TCM should be able to fix. My cable supplier, Bell, says it's not their fault. Please isolate and fix this annoying problem!!
  7. Two films I was really looking forward to recently were TOPPER RETURNS and STAGECOACH. Both were recently replaced with other titles. What's the deal here-can they not be cleared for viewing in Canada soon?
  8. A few years ago I acquired a DVD recorder and attempted to record from the DVR supplied by my cable company. Copy protection prevented my efforts. However I have noticed that certain older plasma tvs have outputs for video and audio--features which are no longer permitted on today's tvs. From the record outputs on these older sets, copy protection does not seem to interfere with recording...
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