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  1. Can Hollywood count? Joan Leslie played romantic leads at the age of 15 or 16 with Gary Cooper and Eddie Albert and a few years later with Cagney. I know that people married younger in those days but was age ever a factor when casting actresses? I think Loretta Young appeared with Lon Chaney Sr when she was about 15 and he in his 40's. Maybe age is just a number in film?
  2. I am having the same issue on my iMac. I have OS X El Capitan installed and Adblock Plus and am using Firefox. When I disabled Adblock Pluse I still could not view the movie. No messages, just a black screen on the player.
  3. I wouldn't say annoying because The Marx Brothers WERE their films. I just found it so difficult following the plot when the brothers went into their routines. It became total chaos and for the most part the actors may have appeared to be annoyed but they played along. Somehow it all worked, but the brothers comedic schtick was often non-stop when they were onscreen. The musical numbers were a break from the insanity.
  4. My favorite tearjerker is "The Search" with Montgomery Clift. Another movie that I found moving was "Strange Cargo" with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford. The last 5 minutes of "Field of Dreams" gets to me every time. The ending of "City Lights" is another.
  5. Henry Jones was a somewhat creepy actor but a very good actor.
  6. Not sure where to go with this now since I like the new account and feel comfortable with it. I will just leave the old account alone if that is okay with you. I don't know the password so I can't access it.
  7. I wanted to be up front about this. I had not accessed the board in months and tried all variations of my name and password and couldn't get back on the board. I even posted something in the help section about a month ago and received no response. So I still have the old account and still can't access it and I created this new account that I will use forever. If anyone can tell me how to delete Floyd D Barber I would appreciate it. Just wanted you to know that I am not really new to the board.
  8. Mary Wickes is another plain looking actress, but she had a knack for wisecracks. I always liked her a lot. I haven't named any black actors, Leigh Whipper was a great actor. Very unusual but extremely interesting. He seemed to be much older than he appeared.
  9. Well, I have sort of become a Moroni Olsen fan. He usually shows up in noir movies or as an authority figure. Today he was in the Glass Key. From what I read about him he was a fairly large man with a menacing appearance. I can see it to a point, plus he had the very deep resounding voice. As the magic mirror in Snow White and St Joseph in It's a Wonderful Life I have heard him all my life. I love his name, it has a noir sound to it. I think Moroni was a family name, he was born in Utah in 1889 and died at age 65. Timothy Carey I hadn't though of but he was way ahead of his time for weirdn
  10. Some that come to mind are: Moroni Olsen, Billy House and Rafaela Ottiano. Moroni Olsen, if nothing else but that great name and a couple of roles where he was heard but never seen. When he was seen he was a very imposing figure. Billy House was very strange in The Stranger. I could barely understand a word he said. He had this way of mumbling his lines. Rafaela Ottiano I just discovered recently in The Devil-Doll. Any others you can add to the list? They should be relatively unknown but very interesting. I thought of Ernest Thesiger and Una O'Connor but they are fairly well kn
  11. Why did I watch the Andy Devine video? Maybe I'm sadistic. No wonder I never watched the show, it made me feel extremely uncomfortable.
  12. I created a new profile for the Message Boards and was wondering if I can "retire" my old user name. This is my very first post as Lorenzo1950. I did this because I had not used the board for awhile and was always having password issues. Forgetfulness is a problem at my age. Thank you.
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