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  1. In Greg's intro to "Out Of The Past" he mentioned how you rarely saw deaf characters in films. Though it's not a classic film, Takeshi Kitano's "A Scene At The Sea" from 1991 is worth a look. It's a story whose 2 main characters are deaf. A departure from Kitano's better-known gangster films like "Sonatine," it's a little romance about a young guy who against the odds, decides he wants to learn how to surf. Some nice music by Joe Hisachi. Thanks for the films, Greg!
  2. As you can see, don't come 'round here much. Though do watch plenty of TCM. Glad you liked the James Dean recollect. If I get a strong cup of coffee in me some other stuff sometimes pops up from the memory banks...and it occurred to me I actually had a very slight David Niven ref...it being October and his month and all. So it goes... Was maybe early 1980's a uni student on the cheap in the south of France meet up with my sis who says we're crashing at an estate on St. Jean Cap Ferrat at invite of now wealthy former employer of hers. Sunset we stroll along beach side houses and passin
  3. This just an odd, roundabout, anecdotal bit, but reminded of it when saw Dean's TV shows being available again. From Central Indiana. Late 1970's (?) an old Hollywood Western bit actor named Tex Terry showed up and bought small roadside bar in very small Coxville, IN. Wife was Izzy. We'd go and drink there. Tex and Izzy would tell great stories of Old-Time Hollywood. Izzy, as she told it, was an early agent for Dean. True? Never tried to look it up to prove/disprove. But she'd tell of how in some of the early TV shows Dean would try to perform without his glasses and sometimes walk into pr
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