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  1. How the heck did they pick Paul Newman to play Rocky Graziano in this film? As a pugilism fan, this would be like picking Tony Curtis to play Jersey Joe Walcott or Stuart Whitman to play Joe Louis. Wonder if the Rock had some influence on picking Newman. Rocky was great thought as Martha Raye's man in her tv show. Did they ever make a movie about the other Rocky, Marciano and his life since he was the heavyweight champ.
  2. The lost film The Gay Deceiver came out in the silent 1920's I think.
  3. What happened to Marley? Is he still appearing on the door knocker?
  4. My wife thinks it is amusing that anyone thinks I post like a female. From the compliments about Cavegirl I guess I should not be offended if she wrote well here. What does Muguet mean I wonder?
  5. Decided to do some detective work on Therealfuster at TCM. I found some posts about her and from her in threads from way back in 2005. It is hard to believe that she would be an avid poster and then disappear from over ten or so years and come back as Cavefirl but I guess it's possible. Here's someone talking about her from 2005. KeithFromKC Advanced Member Members 424 posts Report post Posted June 30, 2005 As far as
  6. I have no idea if Fuster could possibly be Cavegirl. They had similar qualities but if I think there is a gap of many years between when Fuster posted at the IMDB and then showed up here. But as I said the Fuster person here seems little like the original Fuster who I think wrote a post about religion which was sarcastic supposedly from what I was told and then was actually banned. Now the poster known as Therealfuster seems very like the one I remember from Sinister Cinema and IMDB Soapbox. I have no idea what you mean about me posting with intentional bad grammar, Lawrence. When did this occ
  7. I've worked with woman who were attractive and men actually did hit on them and were harassing them by being out of line, and I've worked with women who were delusional and thought men were hitting on them if they even just said hello to them in the morning. The hard thing is separating the sane women who know the difference between harassment and being congenial, and the women who see come-ons where there are none. Not to only criticize women for this attitude as I've known men who think every woman smiling at them like a waitress or server, thinks they are a hunk. My wife used to work as a w
  8. Just did some detective work and here's a whole thread about the poster known as therealfuster from 2005.why again are you seeking info on her though. vallo13 Advanced Member TCM_allow 3,849 posts Report post
  9. No, I'm Cavegirl, oops, I mean Spartacus. I'm no expert on movies but for once I do know alot abut a topic here, namely Fuster. I first encountered her at the Sinister Cinema message bord many years ago. I thought she was a he till someone posted "Fuster is a girl not a guy" to me. She was a legendary force there and would take on anyone who acted the fool and best them into submission. Her movie knowledge was enormous and for that she was reknowned. She also was a poster at the IMDB message board in the most dangerous area called the Soap Box. She had a bunch of haters there with names l
  10. Anyone here old enough to remember the days of seeing Hammer and Amicus films at your local drive-ins, is probably enjoying the panoply of them showing this month on TCM. I applaud them for picking a nice and diverse schedule of gems directed by folks like Terence Fisher and of course starring Cushing and Lee, with great character parts fleshed out by the super fantastic Michael Ripper. Last night's viewing was great with the added allure of Oliver Reed as the Werewolf. There are more gems to follow but just wondered how many others here saw these films on their first run in the US? For some r
  11. Good hosts might cost money. We did Ben's sense of humor and intros but are at a loss concerning a more recent addition...well, no comment.
  12. Dick Wesson? Really? But he always played such a wimp. Well I will say that I often get Hugh Marlowe and Richard Carlson mixed up since they seem so similar.
  13. As you say, some American things are shoddy and though we'd like the original as film aesthetes our betters feel apparently that this is not worth their time perhaps. Or there is some legal reason which you will not be told since like the Wizard of Oz he/she/it/they is not available to the general public even if you offer him/her/it/they the proverbial broom of the Wicked Witch of the East. But I admire your vigor in trying to find the answer, Nip.
  14. Can't explain how to approach this movie. I do remember the book was thought for many years to be unfilmable. I think a language barrier might cause some consternation but not sure what you mean by now having full command of English. I do think bizarrely there is a bit of British Monty Python type whimsy inherent in this film's script. If you like the Python style I would expect you might like this. Of course it's silly but in a pointed way and in a magical context turning ordinary fairy tale fodder into gold. Peter Falk just seals the deal as the grandfather. Either you like caviar and champa
  15. Is kind of a resemblance but Minerva is a bit more sour usually than good old Marjorie.
  16. My wife kept saying she was finding the eroticism in this part of the film quite eye-opening. Reminded her of James Dean on the stage in his type of Pan incarnation. It seemed the satyr kept changing too from one person to another as the scene went on which was amazing.
  17. As my wife said, there are many more profound moments in this seemingly mere fantasy film than many others which pretend to be so high-faluting. She is a lot smarter than me as you can tell since I would have chosen an action movie over this one initially.
  18. Great to hear from someone who actually knew Randall. What a gifted actor in comedy and dramatic parts. I do remember him on the Tonight Show once with Alex Karras when they almost came to blows over a cigar I think it was. He is really good in this film with all the different voices and attitudes. Thanks for this personal remembrance of him.
  19. The Academy should institute a Harvey Weinstein Award given to any of the women who escaped his clutches after meeting him. There could be a supporting player award too for any of his assistants who helped arrange after hours meetings with hopefuls to Hollywood. If Ed Wood was alive he could direct a film about the whole debacle with assistance from John Waters. Too bad Divine is not alive to play the lead character, just not in drag.
  20. The wife woke me up to watch this saying I was watching too many action films with Stephen Seagal. I was tired but perked up when I saw Barbara Eden was in it. It was actually one of the best films I've seen in a long time. A great George Pal fantasy put on film with wonderful special effects and we particularly liked the Medusa section. Good to see the multi-versatile Arthur O'Connell playing a nasty sort too. Tony Randall was amazing and the make-up effects by Tuttle definitely deserved the Academy Award.
  21. The wife is ticked off due to the same problem as many here, never getting the TCM email schedule. The fact she subscribed for years to receive it at home apparently means nothing to TCM which is why when we read your very astute take on the whole company structure, Stephan we agreed wholeheartedly. The wife said it's all gone downhill since Robert Osborne died, and this is her theory, and by that she means in all ways except for the movies shown, since they were all made not by TCM but by giants of cinema mostly and even the channel cannot destroy such a product. At least not as yet. Choi
  22. The wife made me watch all the Werner Herzog films last night. She said enuff with the Steven Seagal movies and action films and that I should get some culture. She calls me plebeian and says that Herzog films are eerie, majestic, haunting, hallucinatory and some other words I didn't understand. We watched Fitzcarroldo and I found out the guy was actually Irish, and we watched Strozek which I can't spell and I didn't get the point and we watched Aguirre, and I agree he was the wrath of god and then I went to sleep. I woke up at 6am and she was still watching his films and glared at me. She say
  23. This conversation regarding pronunciation of people's names reminds me of a televised interview with Dick Cavett and guest, Truman Capote. At one point, Truman was talking about author Willa Cather as I recall and Dick interrupted him to correct Truman's pronunciation of Willa's last name. Truman took it well and then said something like "Thanks, Dick and since Willa is a friend of mine I will be sure to inform her she's been mispronouncing her last name for all these years." I know someone who knew Keir Dullea so I think I'll check out with them if all these pronunciations were amenable to
  24. I think freedom of speech allows you to say the Tammy movies were "dumb" in your estimation regardless of those restricting the use of the word "dumb". They probably might not approve of using the word "dumb" to describe people who put sunscreen in their eyes during the solar eclipse but it seemed apt there also.
  25. Leonard Maltin, hands down! A real film fan doesn't need any critics because they probably know more than most of them anyway, and a laissez-faire film fan need to be led so this is why critics exist. I find Maltin's reviews puerile and boring.
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