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  1. Paul Newman, Dennis Morgan, Hedy Lamarr, Rhonda Fleming and assorted others.
  2. Thanks, I shall try this and I appreciate your response.
  3. I find this attitude strange but thanks for responding to my questions and issues, TheCid. The reason I find this attitude strange is that they are not just giving out freebies to people who are not paying money to watch their channel on cable. For one to want a schedule to make it possible to know what is playing on TCM, a person would expect TCM to facilitate the viewer who wants their channel to succeed on cable and is willing to fork over money for this to happen. It is hard to understand why the channel would have a laissez-faire attitude toward viewers who I would assume are keeping them
  4. My wife used to subscribe to the TCM mailed schedule booklet. Has anyone here received a refund yet for their remaining balance that they paid for? Also has anyone received the emailed version of the schedule yet? And is the September schedule up anywhere on this site yet? I have never much explored this site but don't see it in the regular schedule part. Thanks for any help.
  5. I've seen the film many times but came upon it last night at just this part. I always like to watch "Kathy's" frozen face due to the actual medical malady of her portrayer. It really helps Greer to maintain a stonelike and emotionless demeanor.
  6. My wife and I always watched All Creatures Great and Small and Hardy was wonderful in that series as you say, Eugenia. Very talented actor of many sensibilities and styles, could be serious or very comedic as the role required.
  7. The old man and the non-familial kid in films probably goes back to books like Silas Marner. What's funny is in the films of the 1930's they would always find the curmudgeoniest guy to play the old man vis a vis the kid.
  8. It was fun to see someone with a good sense of humor take the digs that Woody Allen lovingly gave her in her AFI tribute. She laughed as hard as anyone when he cracked on her about her ex-boyfriends, her bulimia, her not having plastic surgery because she wanted to look old, et cetera. It was a really nice show and she looked great in her hat and it was fun to see the diversity of her roles.
  9. I'd like to agree with you as everything you say is true, yet I can't since thanks to TCM and Ronald Colman month, the wife and I have been at odds daily. She wonders, why can't I be as suave as he? Why don't I have such a resonant voice? Why am I cavalier while he is gentlemanly at all times. Why does he look good in everything while I am sitting on the coach in my skivvies. I'm starting to hate Ronald Colman and he even had good hair into his late years. She says he makes George Clooney look like a dumb hick from the hinterlands. And yeah, she watched RH and started crying at the beginning s
  10. According to my wife, Colman could pull off anything and I think she would like to have been with him when he did if you follow. She's now watched almost all the movies being shown this month and says he is the sexiest man who was ever alive. I feel a bit like Walter Mitty or Wally Cox. Sure he was handsome and had a great voice, personality and panache but could he play basketball as well as I? I bet not.
  11. "Sepitone"? Are you related to Joe Pepitone?
  12. Can I bring her to your house and drop her off all day next Saturday?
  13. Gee, yes those dazzling comments by Muller to that lady vino expert are fascinating and deserve to be broadcast a lot more. I'm sure Mr. Welles would be proud to hear his name selling wine, but not before its time.
  14. We really enjoyed seeing War and Peace too. Mel Ferrer was kind of a stick figure but it still was good.
  15. The wife's favorite is Buddy Holly and the Crickets singing Peggy Sue Got Married over the opening of Peggy Sue Got Married. She also likes Where the Boys Are mostly because she digs George Hamilton.
  16. Of course Grace Metalious set her story squarely in the historical context of the times with Betty Anderson being molested by her own father yet having it be a deep dark family secret. Good call!
  17. This playing around about his death to create mystery sounds like the prelude to another boring celebrity biography in the making methinks. One way for the local pseudo-writers to make a buck I guess but anyone with some older books on Hollywood lives would already know the scoop on Dall.
  18. Another ironic issue brought to my attention while watching Rear Window with The Little Woman was when Jimmy Stewart is checking out Miss Lonelyhearts date and he says something like "Little young, isn't he?" or something to that effect. My wife very sarcastically looks at me and says "He's like twice Grace Kelly's age I bet, what a jerk!" I then looked their ages up and Stewart was like around 46 and Kelly about 25, so it was a kind of funny but typical of films from that era. Anyone wanting to chastize me for calling my wife The Little Woman should know I never called her that until after on
  19. I always cut the white and the yolk of my eggs with a knife and fork, but then I'm old but not as old as Jimmy Stewart. What I noticed watching Rear Window this time that I never thought about before was...that those tenants must have had constant flies and even birds in their apartments with all those windows open continually.
  20. Right on, Vautrin. You are a true aesthete.
  21. Frankly I agree that Robby Benson was not so bad as many would make him out to be in retrospect. Max Baer Junior could have already been rolling in the dough just for the double money he made by playing Jethrine and due to his talents on the golf course.
  22. I knew because you liked my post where I applauded the work of Errol Flynn in the WB epic, Four's a Crowd. By the way, Richard Whorf is not the creator of the Whorfian Hypothesis in spite of the familial surname connection.
  23. I am too old to have been part of the hippie counterculture. I was known as Dash, short for Dashiell way back when I dated Lillian Hellman who insisted in calling me that during romantic interludes. She ripped off all her best plays from my exploits when I was an undercover agent on the Rhine during the Big One.
  24. I miss him already. Back in the day I took a girlfriend's two nephews who were like ten and twelve, to see Night of the Living Dead at a midnight screening. To this day both of them are still talking about how freaked out they were but thrilled to get to see a grown up fright fest film and they think of it as a rite of passage moment. The girlfriend became my wife and her Italian family would not have approved of these boys getting in to see that film so we made them promise under threat of death and disfigurement that they would not tell their parents where we had gone. Thanks, George for a g
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