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  1. I dug the Naked Kiss but mostly because of the chick's bald head. I'm now trying to imagine a Kathryn Leigh Scott lookalike bald but I keep seeing Barnabas instead.
  2. Another film with great magnitude would be Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens. I've always thought Russ Meyer films were very noirish.
  3. This is one Amicus that I must have missed during my drive-in days. At least I think it was Amicus and definitely not Hammer but whoever did it, did a marvelous job stirring up the chills. Great acting and great visuals made it a joy to watch amidst all the other fine horrors that day like Horror Hotel and so on.
  4. Why should you apologize for anything? Though I don't know the answer to your movie question it was at least a very interesting read and since so many posts are just full of folderol for which they don't find the least reason to apologize, you need never fear condemnation. I hope you find your answer and then please share it with us all.
  5. Just a hint, my sisters tell me that don't enjoy going out with a man who talks about his fructose intolerance. For that matter my gay friends also don't want to date a man who talks about it. Hope that dating advice helps.
  6. You sound stunning. I think they should get you to replace that creepy guy on the beer commercials who is supposed to be the most interesting man in the world.
  7. I'll say this, not if my female companion was Jane Wyatt who brings new meaning to the word boring. Even my mother hated her as Margaret Anderson on Father Knows Best and always said she hoped Jim Anderson would divorce Margaret and find a fun wife.
  8. Excellent exegesis, Palmerin since often these filmic costume dramas have the country looking more like a colony of Groucho's Freedonia from the film Duck Soup. Another country one might not like to visit would be Puritania.
  9. In The Prisoner of Zenda we see the phantasmagorical kingdom of Ruritania in all its glory. I would like to have seen more but this privilege has been denied me with the paucity of other films celebrating its beauty. What other kingdoms of this sort intrigue you to visit or sojourn during a busman's holiday or would you rather go to Walt's kingdom and see a mouse and duck instead. Remember Walt does not have Ronald Colman in his service at the theme park.
  10. Wasn't there something about Natalie wearing a down-filled jacket that when soaked would have been so waterloaded that it would drag her down? And she might not have been thinking clearly about how taking it off would have been the right move since with the water being cold maybe left it on to her demise?
  11. I wonder what she said? I do think Fey is very anti-Trump it seems from what I've read but don't lynch me if I've read incorrectly. Was she spouting off political jargon that offended some viewers I wonder?
  12. Oh, okay whatever makes you happy. The hosting part could be improved with some more seasoned personnel I think though. I'm sure the ladies who like noir might want to pick a more toothsome host who had the Mitchum mystique rather than the Dick Powell blandness. And then having it on at 9pm on a Friday or Saturday nite would at least prove most auspicious an event to view.
  13. Everyone hates your post apparently, Ms. Cave Girl but I like it since you mentioned the words "sang froid" which one doesn't see often on the TCM board. Bravo.
  14. Slayton, while I was watching the film I kept thinking it was the reverse of the film "Darling" with Julie Christie and the ending sort of bore that out. As for Rashomon, it is one of my favorite movies and I thank Thor and Zeus so much for getting the storyline to Kurosawa first or we would all be having to watch that horrid Paul Newman version called The Outrage or The Offal or The Really Awful as the original version which would bring me to tears. Your take on the Italian film would be my take mostly and I finally got tired of the film and started enjoying looking at all the great Italian
  15. Which particular "hosts" are we talking about that were "too political"? The funny thing is, many movies have political or distinct POV's that it would seem are ridiculous to discuss if one is not allowed to even bring up political issues. I mean really, it's like discussing the paintings of Raphael but one is not allowed to mention the word "canvas".
  16. So true, the original song is not really well represented by the rather lame movie and that scene with the ridiculous doll falling into the water, made me want to shoot out my tv, a la the Elvis Presley take on watching Robert Goulet singing.
  17. N No, I got it but I'm talking about in general the concept of three people using one match and what might happen that could prove dangerous in general. That's all but enjoyed your take on Dvorak who is a real winner and talent to be sure.
  18. Oh, well there you go and now I will have to agree that June is way more pitchforkable than even my top favorite, Audrey. Geez, how and why did Dick Powell find her attractive and could it be due to his rather [ahem] alimentary canal problems which made him so cranky he needed uplifting cuteness daily to just make it through the day?
  19. "Three on a Match" I saw when I was about fourteen and really loved the concept. Of course, danger was always in Bette's character in most films.
  20. Gay Deceivers have a whole new meaning now too sadly.
  21. Great painting and I find it interesting that many people want to call the film in their recall as "The Painting of Dorian Gray" or "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" but Wilde called it "The Picture of Dorian Gray" for obvious reasons that even Baudelaire would applaud.
  22. Gee, don't blame me I missed that thread due to it being expurgated I guess. Isn't that the issue or am I being played here? Did they actually use the exact terms "bland and banal" because since I never saw the original posts I may be channelling them which is rather frightening.
  23. James, is this photo more illustrative of her Hellzapoppin eyeballs? http://www.learnaboutmovieposters.com/newsite/STILLS/T/TotterAudrey/images/AudreyTotter-22_jpg.jpg
  24. I believe that they might be using the Whorfian Hypothesis for programming decisions made at headquarters under the official tutelage of General Jack Ripper, not Tripper, Ripper! Bodily fluids may have to be evaluated to find the most appropriate hosts for gigs from now on or just put the names into a blender and puree for the most bland and banal choices.
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