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  1. It sounds like you might have made a better host for the series, which will never happen though since it's probably who you know and not what you know that gets you gigs on things like this. I refuse to call anyone a "preening little nonentity" until I have done a complete CIA background check on their scholarship so wait for that and I may agree. I did not find him obnoxious and did learn one thing yet I can see some of your complaints are justified though I would think any Hitchcock fan might welcome seeing many of the more obscure and less screened films of his career to find a montage of s
  2. Of course it was good being that the heir apparent to the Jackie Coogan bandwagon was in the film. Keith Coogan was actually not really named Coogan, but Jackie was his grandpa and as such the kid did bring a light and insouciance to the film. For being just what it was, it was a cute film.
  3. Those who make money off dead celebrities are the authors who continually disinter their graves to make a buck. The unfortunate family that is left, is often forgotten while others reap the benefits of the former person's talent or lack thereof. There ought to be a law but ask the families of people like Jimi Hendrix, James Dean or Janis Joplin who is making money off them or has in past efforts. All books or pastiches of dead or slightly forgotten celebs are mostly written to rack up some funds not to elucidate the public on anything viable or important.
  4. Audrey Totter! So overdone, overrated and overhyperbolic with those eyes that pop out continually like something from a Jim Carrey movie. Sorry I got so excited at possibly getting to pitchfork her that I put a "y" in her name instead of a "u" which is now corrected. I do ask "y" though often when I hear some extolling her immense virtues, based mostly on having her consent to being interviewed for some silliness.
  5. I saw Gentry in concert way back then and when asked about the item thrown off the bridge she told the audience it was something that they found in the Paw Paw Patch, a bit like the Strange Fruit of the Billie Holiday song. Makes sense and could be the lynch pin if you get my drift as we are talking Southern style doings. Note that the song name is spelled "Billie" not "Billy" much like the idiosyncratic spelling of Holiday's name.
  6. Hey, no cracks about my friend, Dash Riprock who stole the idea for his name from mine although I will admit he was a lot more dashing than I.
  7. I think Sunday morning is the proper place for Noir Alley since the majority of the films are totally overrated and merely serve as fodder for making money off them in books and film fests. If a person really wants to see such films then it is easy to access them for later viewing. The films in the series that have more cache are shown frequently anyway so why put the series on at a more prominent time better reserved for films of greater magnitude that deserve more air time. Or combine the series with the next up and coming thing, a reevaluation of beach movies from the 1960's with Frankie an
  8. This is getting heavy. Next we can have a celebration of when they met Stuart Sutcliffe and his girlfriend, Astrid and when the famous haircuts were done. This rates as much of a celebration as when Richard Starkey left Rory Storm and when Paul met Jane Asher and when the Silver Beatles decided to drop the word silver from their name.
  9. Love Gentleman Jim for many reasons including that Flynn looked great in the ring but also because my father met John L. Sullivan in person and said the portrayal in the film was right on. My dad owned a carte de visite from Sullivan that was personally autographed and I still have it.
  10. Carl Laemmle, Jr. was definitely one of the giants of cinema. For me a person in films who I would have thought was a laugh a minute and very upbeat but possibly this was only his facade was Gig Young who I believe committed suicide and may have been of a more morose personality. As I recall he was at one time married to Elizabeth Montgomery and I've heard a few comments from people who knew her about his demeanor but I don't think she ever spoke much publically about her time with him. Thanks for the great video.
  11. Just found what someone said in an earlier post on this site, about Muller's mistake on his intro to this Stanwyck film. Muller said that Stanwyck did the Big Valley because she did not want to follow the lead of other actresses of her time who were doing cheesy horror flicks [ostensibly meaning people like Davis and Crawford I would assume]. But of course, as the poster said, that shows Muller's lack of real knowledge of her career since Stanwyck had already done cheesy horror flicks like The Night Walker from 1964 directed by William Castle [and though his stuff is wonderful you can't get an
  12. Princess, the Nat King Cole Trio played often in small clubs in Covington, Kentucky like the White Rock over the border from Cincinnati, Ohio. There was an atmosphere there of danger a bit like that in the film The Phenix City Story with rampant crime and unsavory stuff going on all around the joints. Cole would play piano and often not even sing but was often encouraged to do so. Others who played the same gin joints were people like Rosemary Clooney and Doris Day. Nat's great voice of course made record companies want him to figure more as a frontman so he became a featured vocalist on vinyl
  13. Great movie which I saw when it came out and caused some distress with critics, and notable for the appearance of the latter day vestige of Francisco Rabal, of Bunuel films fame. All who have been institionalized for aberrant behavior should enjoy it.
  14. Fat City, the film by John Huston is an incredibly good movie and stars the equally incredible Susan Tyrrell who took grotesquerie off the streets and put it indelibly on film to our joy. She is the quintessentially Grand Guignol actress of all time and her performances in films like this one and even the John Waters film, Cry Baby make her essential viewing. Hopefully someday TCM will find it in their heart to show this classic.
  15. That guy was so great in everything. It's a shame more people don't know his name. He brought a veracity to every role and though he was often a bit of a miscreant he could also play other types. Saw him recently in a Columbo episode where he is the shy, quiet fall guy for others and I was impressed with how he could turn into an entirely different character than his usual meat and potatoes bad guy who lived by his wits on the street. He graced many a tv episode and made it come alive. Sorry to see him go for sure. Thanks for the obituary.
  16. There is simply no reason to watch Family Feud without Richard Dawson.
  17. I remember at the time how Price supposedly was into his usual and winning acerbic takes on the dialogue and director Michael Reeves forced his best performance out of him by playing it straight, in Witchfinder General. Salo is quite a film and hard to watch but eventually rewarding. My wife got seriously ill after seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre with her girlfriends at the drive-in when it came out and still blames the film for having to go to the ER.
  18. I vote no on Miller. I mean if you don't get why the French revere Jerry Lewis films then enough said.
  19. Glad someone mentioned this as we were thinking it too. I was surprised Muller did not mention this issue but someone here posted about his making mistakes about this film and others in the Sunday slot since he seems to just research them online for his opening remarks without internal background knowledge of films. Can't remember what someone here said was wrong about his intro for this film and Stanwyk's career. Maybe someone else knows where that post is detailing mistakes by Muller on noir films?
  20. Gonna have to agree with Miss Wonderly with her statement about the "iconoclastic" nature of Sergeant Pepper is a thing of the past, and could only be experienced by people who heard it at the time of its release" . Regardless of any other issues of staying power one probably had to "BE THERE" as it was exploding on the scene to get it fully. Hard to explain to anyone who was not "THERE".
  21. Sexie Sadie reminds me of at the time all this was occurring how it was talked about that the Maharishi was hitting on Mia Farrow's sister during the proceedings which gave a whole new flavor to his mysticism.
  22. Speaking about The Fool on the Hill, I wonder if Donovan ever sued?
  23. Where was Ratso at that time? I heard that Haneke took out the porno scenes from Taxi Driver and put them in his film The Piano Teacher when Huppert visits the movie spot for loops.
  24. We saw him on his last tour. I think he had a backing tape behind him which he would sing to just like Elvis had for those high notes he couldn't hit anymore. As Ava Gardner once said "Sing, Frank, don't talk."
  25. Why would they be hurting? Unlike other stations who have to produce all their own product to show daily which costs big money paying actors, directors and crews, all TCM's movies were made years ago by others and they have enough backlog of stock to play films for eons. This would be like having eighty million pieces of jewelry from Tiffany's to sell for years and all you have to do is pay for your store and personnell to sell it. Sounds like a sweet deal to me with little overhead like most cable channels would have to pay yearly.
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