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  1. He sang too which adds to his talents as comedic support and other acting gigs.
  2. We really enjoyed seeing this presentation of Cluny Brown since when it played before it got interrupted. By the way, we've been out of the country for a while and someone told me that people here were questioning if I had been hacked, or if someone else was using my account. Don't know where this thread is or who started it but if anyone knows please tell me where to find it. Thanks.
  3. All I can think of watching the Bette part chewing up the scenery like the real Bette, is actor Patrick O'Neal. I think he cooled Bette's jets. Too bad he is not being portrayed in the ensemble.
  4. Any Fellini film scored by Nino Rota. I have an old album of all the films like La Strada and 81/2 with his themes and it is almost worn out.
  5. I sincerely hope they change their minds since my wife and friends were absolutely thrilled with the accommodations and the fun events when they attended. It was all first class and well worth the money.
  6. Give people a place to harangue and spout off their beliefs and it sure helps the diagnosis. Thanks, tcm.
  7. When I was in high school two of my football squad friends and I applied for jobs at the local Sears store. I worked in the men's hat department. In those days there were still men who wore hats. The president of our college came in one day and asked me my name. Later I got a job doing some scouting for them and I think it was due to helping him with his purchases at Sears. My wife worked there also many years later in the jewelry department and we both had good discounts which helped for buying presents for family on holidays when we were young.
  8. Everyone's tcm history will be uncovered.
  9. My wife just found some of her old record singles and one of them was Anita Bryant singing Till There Was You. It stunk.
  10. I remember her post about favorite Nazis in films but I can't remember who she said was her favorite character actor who played Nazis. Anyone know.
  11. Nice list of Gaelic films, Spence.
  12. Fun film and the Phenix City style documentary effects are clever. Pierce was a nice man and too bad he did not have more chances to show some range.
  13. Having been born in the 1930's and lived in the 1940's and 1950's, the world of the Cleavers was not so strange to many since it represented a country returning from a war and trying to have a great and sound family life. I knew lots of families with parents and a house like theirs. I realize it seems an idealized world to some, but some ideals are based on fact. June Cleaver reminds me of a lot of women who lived in my neighborhood and were married and there were guys like Ward but also guys like Fred Rutherford to even the score.
  14. I think Muller got upset with the lady who loved Columbo. She didn't like the fact he used old female movie stars to promote himself and his agenda at events.
  15. Sun Studios is a great place to visit. Thumbs down on that show tho.
  16. He's a very average looking guy?
  17. Ironic that Mick Jagger was a backup singer on that song.
  18. I've heard talk of an updated version of Mad Max but was curious who would be playing the Gibson part. Always thought it was amusing that Miller worked in the emergency room to subsidize his original film since it looked like there would have been many casualties in the emergency room with all those road accidents.
  19. Noticed yesterday that they upped the time for My Cousin Rachel and cut out the Emilyn Williams film. Don't know why.
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