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  1. I am not sure what is happening in the board room or the program office, but TCM has changed so much in the last year. What is with the reruns, sometimes shown less than 60 days apart? Also, I have trouble finding the value in running a one star movie from the 70's or 80's. If TCM has a need to show the post 70's movies, then there are plenty of great films to run. TCM has grown to be a real puzzle.
  2. What's with showing "Being There" in less than 90 days. Did someone miss the it a month or so ago?
  3. I don't know about ****, but it is sure hard to find a clear definition of "classic" without putting some personal spin on it. I do think TCM and those they have worked with have done a great service in finding some of the really rare films and getting them restored. Even if these films were not top tier works,just being able to see them after such an absence is truly a thrill. Thanks TCM.
  4. No need to get mean over this. I am sure that I am less informed and don't know all of ins and outs of TCM. And I found out I don't have a clue what Classic means. In a bit plainer English , what I am trying to say is I only wish they would stick to playing movies over 50 years old. I never mentioned a word about not tuning into TCM.
  5. I only hope that someone will pick up what TCM used to do and play the old movies. It is really a let down to tune in and find "Being There" or "Sleepless in Seattle" playing. Not that these are poor films. They are actually really good and could be considered "classics". Those newer films is not why I subscribe or watch TCM.
  6. After reading more comments,I realize that the question I wanted to be answered is why we are seeing 70's,80's and even 90's movies on a channel with classic in its name? My idea of classic was old or even older than me. I hope this thing of showing newer movies doesn't become a trend. We can watch them else where. Give me a Boston **** any day instead of even an Oscar winner from the 70's.
  7. I guess, I really stuck my foot in my mouth when I wrote 2nd and 3rd. Talk about wishy washy. Also,it kind of blew me away with all the response. I guess that comes with a subjective term like classic. All of your comments have given me pause and think. Thank you all. After reading all of your comments, it took me back to my college years (not a classic time). Well anyway I was shopping at Goodwill and I ran across this painting. In my eyes it was very poorly done, but it made me think what is good art.To the person who did it, he or she might have thought it not too bad. So, what is good and
  8. Thanks, for the insights. It is probably very subjective. For me, most of the classics are black and white films. But, who could ever leave out 2001,Dr.Z,Lawrence,some Godfather, or even some toons in the list.
  9. I am new to this site, but I have watched TCM almost since it started. I realize I am not going to like every movie or genre, but am just miffed at some of the 2nd and 3rd rate movies being broadcast on TCM. So, what does the C in TCM mean?
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