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  1. Just a reminder of something that is buried in one of these posts, the juddering problem can usually be circumvented by skipping backward in the video one or more times. Sometimes a 2-back, 1 forward type of thing is required. This allows the decoding device to "buffer" the video more, and the video to be fully decoded without skips in it. Again a symptom of over compression and/or insufficient buffering.
  2. This is interesting because you are experiencing the problem on a cable provider and not on a satellite provider. If you have the patience to read through all the threads in this posting you will see that originally we thought that this is a TCM encoding issue. All the symptoms point to the video stream being overly compressed. The exact same symptoms can be simulated using a video editor and overly compressing the output. Since TCM has never responded in this post, we were left with additional speculation on what the problem is. In that it started on a particular date, it seemed pretty clear that it is related to a software change. Grappling for answers it began to appear that the problem might be related to the data carrier. This was reinforced by the recognition that the problem was not happening just on the TCM channel. DIRECTV seemed to the carrier where most of the problems were occurring, so a discussion thread was started on their forum. If this problem is happening on all carriers it would seem that we have gone full circle back to it being a problem that originates with TCM.
  3. Today we were only able to watch the highly rated Bing Crosby movie "Going My Way" without juddering by going 3 skips back, then 2 forward, then 1 back. Otherwise the movie was unwatchable. I'm switching over to cable TV.
  4. To our knowledge in only happens on DirecTV, who is also in a state of denial. Here is the DirecTV thread about the problem: https://forums.att.com/t5/HDTV/Anyone-having-judder-issues-with-Starz/m-p/4774120/highlight/false
  5. Gunga Din was juddering badly on my machine also. Doing one back-skip circumvented it. Some movies require 3 skips back, then 2 skips forward, or whatever it takes to "mask" the juddering. Even though we have proven this is some kind of buffering problem, and proven it's not just one person nor one machine type nor one movie, and even thought it's been happening for 8 months now, it's obvious that TCM and/or Directv could care less. They haven't even hinted at a response on this forum or the thread on the Directv forum. Wouldn't it be great if they would at least say "We are aware of the problem and are working to correct it."? We are at the mercy of bad customer service (the result of 30 year old bean counters running a company). So what's new in this day and age? And why shouldn't we be cynical?
  6. I wish there was a way to combine this thread with this thread so everybody could be "on the same page": https://forums.att.com/t5/HDTV/Anyone-having-judder-issues-with-Starz/m-p/4774120/highlight/false
  7. Thanks for the update. They need to take a hard look at what they did in the Fall of 2015. That's when the problem started. A few days ago "To Kill A Mockingbird" was juddering so bad that even the skip -/+ trick would not stop it. Had to give up watching the movie.
  8. FYI.... https://forums.att.com/t5/HDTV/Anyone-having-judder-issues-with-Starz/m-p/4774120/highlight/false#M31787
  9. Richard, Sounds like you are homing in on the root cause! Thanks from all of us! I've been wondering if a firmware upgrade to the receiver/dvr might be a solution to the decoding issue. Sounds like we need to move this discussion over to the DirecTV forum? p.s. yes the skip back solution doesn't always work. Sometimes need to back 3 then forward 1, or whatever it takes. It's a real bother, and as you say may or may not hold throughout the movie. I only have Starz/Encore package (mainly for the Western channel (which is lower res/bandwidth) so haven't seen it other than on TCM (which along with PBS consume most of my viewing time).
  10. I really don't think this is a DirecTV problem. It is a channel provider problem. They are encoding the video stream "tighter" than most entry level DVR's can decode in real-time. The channel provider probably has to pay for the amount of data they stream, so they are trying to minimize the data stream. The fact that I can eliminate the juddering by back-skipping for more buffering seems to confirm this. I'm curious if anybody with a new/higher end/faster DVR such as a TIVO model is experiencing this. Probably not as they would have been led to this thread by Googling the problem. People not having the problem wont' land here. Finding empirical evidence won't be easy.
  11. RichardP: keep us informed on how the DirecTV route goes.
  12. For me this problem has been getting progressively worse. It now affects both color and B&W movies, and affects the prelude/postlude intro of the movies also. I continue to believe that since October of 2015 TCM has been encoding their movies at a higher "density" compression than the basic DirecTV DVR can cope with. The "work around" that continues to work for me is to skip backward/forward until the juddering stops. That you can do this successfully confirms my suspicion regarding encoding, because if you hit the right buffering you can make the juddering stop. I've considered reformatting the DVR hard drive as a test, but others here report that a totally new DVR does not fix the problem. I'm considering trying a TIVO DVR (faster processor?), since it's pretty clear from reading this thread from bottom to top that TCM is in a state of denial, and that it's up to the end users to ferret out a work around.
  13. I just sent about my 10th contact form to TCM with this message: PLEASE NOTIFY MANAGEMENT OF THIS HOT TOPIC! http://forums.tcm.com/index.php?/topic/58072-movies-are-skippingstuttering/?view=getnewpost ABSOLUTE SILENCE FROM TCM TECH SUPPORT LEADS US TO BELIEVE YOU ARE EITHER NOT READING YOUR FORUM AND/OR IN DENIAL. Upon form submission this is returned, but it never actually happens... "Your message has been sent and the moderation team from TCM Message Boards will be aware of its content. As soon as possible, someone will respond to your message." As has been said here before -- looks like we are jousting at windmills.
  14. Richard, That's good to know. Saves me the trouble. I think through this thread we conclusively proven the ball is in TCM's court. Later dude...
  15. The finger pointing between TCM and DirecTV will continue. Either one can solve the problem. TCM by encoding their content differently, or DirecTV by upgrading their DVRs to have faster processors. Since TCM's solution is cheaper, and they should retain backward compatibility with the older installed base of hardware, the onus would seem to be on TCM. But there may be other considerations that forced TCM into changing how they stream their content. Possibly compatibility with "Watch TCM" mobile media or something. TCM may be between a rock and hard spot. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. In the meantime I'm going to accidently drop my HR24 receiver and ask for a newer model DVR.
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