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  1. I remember watching this and it is indeed very gory.
  2. I've noticed Ray's absence, too. I enjoy reading his comments, and hope he returns here soon.
  3. Salvucci, Vinnie, played by Paul Carafotes in All the Right Moves (1983)
  4. My favorite story was An Act of Kindness. I liked the unexpected ending, and the ghostly appearance of Angela Pleasence’s character, Emily. I thought The Elemental was more funny than scary. Margaret Leighton’s Madame Orloff reminded me of Hermione Gingold’s character in Bell, Book and Candle.
  5. Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) Next: Sarah Silverman
  6. Ah, the question of why Walter Neff goes back to Phyllis. He could not stop thinking about her. Why? I think he was turned on by her ruthlessness and immorality. Neff was lonely. He probably never felt more alive than when he was with her. Double Indemnity is typically noir in its hopeless view of human nature.
  7. Roma, Ricky, played by Al Pacino in Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)
  8. It was nice seeing Lugosi and Karloff facing off. Bela looked aristocratic and serious and noble, a complete 180 from Dracula. But when he finally has Karloff’s character where he wants him, that maniacal grin comes out. And Karloff looked truly satanic. I was hoping Bela’s Dracula would show up, just to expose Poelzig as a rank amateur. Yes, these 1930's horror pictures are great.
  9. Ad Astra (2019) Brad Pitt has had a very good year. First, there was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Now he delivers another memorable performance as taciturn astronaut Roy McBride, who is haunted by the long shadow cast by his father, Cliff McBride, played by a grizzled Tommy Lee Jones. Sixteen years ago, Cliff led a mission to Neptune called the Lima Project in the hope of discovering intelligent life. The ship was lost, and Cliff presumed dead, although an agency called United States Space Command believes he may be alive, living à la Colonel Kurtz. The Lima Project triggered deadly anti-ma
  10. There's much to choose from, but I like rewatching these. I can think of many more, though. 42nd Street (1933) Dinner at Eight (1933) Private Lives (1931) Waterloo Bridge (1931) Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
  11. One of my favorite film adaptations was Richard III (1995), in which Ian McKellen played the title character. It's set in a 1930's fascist England. McKellen, as usual, was great.
  12. Absence of Malice (1981) Sally Field is an ethically-challenged reporter. With the help of an even more unscrupulous federal investigator, played by Bob Balaban, she writes a story that implicates Michael Gallagher (Paul Newman) in the disappearance & presumed murder of a union boss. Gallagher is on the radar because his uncle is a mobster. The film employs a procedural narrative that delivers little dramatic tension. The severest act happens off screen. The characters feel slightly underwritten. The exception is Melinda Dillon’s poignant portrayal of Teresa Perrone, Gallagher’s best fri
  13. Lawrence, I hope you feel better soon. I enjoy reading your reviews and comments very much.
  14. It Chapter Two (2019) The omniscient, seemingly omnipotent clown from hell is back in the second installment based on the Stephen King novel. The setting is 27 years later, 2016, which finds strange, eerily familiar happenings in Derry; this prompts Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), who has never left, to gather the Losers Club back for one last hurrah. They have gone their separate ways, are successful if not necessarily happy. Bill (James McAvoy) is a famous novelist. Ben (Jay Ryan) is a prosperous architect. Richie (Bill Hader) is a standup comic whose insecurities and secrets are etched into his
  15. Nocturne (1946) was a well-crafted noir. The cinematography of Harry J. Wild (great shots of L.A.) and the twisty plot were two big plusses. The performances weren’t bad. George Raft was Gorge Raft: serviceable; a few good expressions; and he gets to play the hero.
  16. Il Bidone should get the Criterion treatment. I saw it over the summer and found it quite moving.
  17. I enjoyed Carol Lynley's work. She had an effective, naturalistic style of acting. May she rest in peace.
  18. Well-acted, well-intentioned, Blue Denim is a film very much of its era. The performances are naturalistic, and Warren Berlinger, as Ernie, provided some needed comic relief. So did Marsha Hunt's character, who could not have been more clueless. Carol Lynley had an interesting voice; it’s monotone-like and comforting. She had a wonderful screen presence. I was sad to hear about her passing.
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