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  1. High Life (2018). Directed by Claire Denis, I admired this film’s lo-fi minimalism. After a while, though, the story of a group of people traveling in space, in a ship that looks like a boxcar, grew confoundingly pretentious. Who are these people, who look like models in a perfume commercial? We learn they’re guinea pigs serving death sentences who are sent on a mission to harness energy from a black hole. High Life seems to confuse ambivalence as high art. Starring Robert Pattinson in a performance I found overly restrained to the point of being listless. The only character generating a
  2. Two Weeks with Love in the the Afternoon
  3. From Russia with Love Stinks
  4. This was alot of fun. I agree the family melodrama dragged it down a bit. But the monsters saved the day. I especially liked the sequence with a squadron of fighter jets trying to take down Rodan (the Fire Demon), which didn’t work out very well for the jets. The epic battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah was great. The international cast was also a plus.
  5. James Cagney Next: was a college professor before becoming an actor
  6. Thanks for posting this retrospective. The reviewer accurately describes Nazimova's dancing; it wasn't technically very good but with her beautiful legs and expressions, she was utterly fascinating.
  7. I love Helen Walker's expression as she's sizing up her prey.
  8. Pale Flower (1964) This noir/yakuza film, directed by Masahiro Shinoda, lives up to its classic reputation. Yakuza hitman Muraki (Ryo Ikebe), just released from prison, is jaded and tired. He finds a reconfigured landscape, as his boss has joined forces with a rival gangster to counter a new syndicate intent on taking over. On nocturnal trips to illegal gambling houses, he meets Saeko (Mariko Kaga), a mysterious, carefree beauty who likes driving recklessly fast and is in constant pursuit of bigger adventures. As the only woman in a dangerous, male-dominated environment, she hypnotizes those
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