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  1. I don't personally have cable, because it's not worth it in my opinion. I just sponge TCM off my parents' cable package at this point. That's honestly the only channel I watch, since a lot of my favorite show are on Hulu anyway.
  2. The Pebble and the Penguin (1995) I haven't met anyone else who has liked this, let alone even seen it. My grandparents love penguins, and used to show this to my brother and me on VHS when we used to visit them. I like Don Bluth animated movies, and the voice cast and music are great in this. Barry Manilow apparently had a hand in the soundtrack.
  3. Allegedly, they're putting Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, TaleSpin, and Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers on there so I'm hyped for those.
  4. That being said, I think a lot of people my age are going to want to sign up for Disney+, after looking at the impressive array of 90s/early 2000s tv shows and Disney Channel Original movies.
  5. how many streaming services am I going to have to sign up for? it's basically just turning into more-expensive cable if all these different groups are fixing to produce a service.
  6. PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM (1972) *Score: 2/5* This was originally a play written by Allen, and he starred in it and wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation. This was alright. I thought it was clever to have Bogie appear every so often to "speak" to Allen's character. I always enjoy Diane Keaton (she was a baby faced 26 here); she's also a huge fashion icon, so there's that.
  7. ROSEMARY'S BABY (1968) *Score: 3.5/5* This is part of my October Scavenger Hunt for my film club. I definitely enjoyed this. It's not my favorite, but I thought the pacing was quite good, and they definitely followed Ira Levin's novel fairly closely. Sure, everyone was good, but I really enjoyed Ruth Gordon as Mrs. Castavet. Holy cow, she stole the show. I wish Patsy Kelly had had more screen time, because I think she's funny too.
  8. Thank you, Eric. I'll admit I've been in a weird mood about having to get through all of these 50s and 60s live action movies; trying to remind myself of all the good things ahead.
  9. Anyone can join we have members in their 30s and 40s as well, so no restrictions whatsoever on who can join. in order to not completely derail the original thread, if anyone's interested in joining or learning more about the club this is a PSA: feel free to private message me on here 🤗
  10. Just something I do in my free time. It's basically all online, so we have members from all over the world. It was started by a couple college students. We all use the Letterboxd website to share reviews and lists, etc, and then we have a Discord server (a computer program that's primarily used for gaming, but it serves as a chat forum), where we all interact with each other
  11. some of them might be, actually. i haven't checked who's taking part yet (we have over 220 members now so it's sometimes hard to keep track haha).
  12. i caught your drift, speedy, don't worry
  13. All the young people in my "film club" refer to everything as a "film." Honestly, a lot of them are pretentious film students, so they automatically think that by referring to things as "films" instead of "movies," they automatically graduate with high marks and accolades. I hope I don't sound bitter; some of them have been getting on my nerves lately, with saying things like "2001 A Space Odyssey" or "Vertigo" are the "best films of all time..." I personally usually say "I'm going to go see a movie in theaters" or "Wanna watch a movie?"
  14. Okay, I've had my coffee. Let me see if I can respond in a less confusing way. Anyone would be correct in saying that Marvel movies are not "high quality art" or "peak cinema." I agree with that to an extent. I think what these superhero movies don't do necessarily well is show characters properly interacting with each other, and the scripts aren't necessarily strong either. However, I am of the opinion that you could consider the special effects and scenery to be visually stunning. So in relation to visuals, I would consider these movies to be almost the father of CGI in a way.
  15. I've seen the first 3 you mentioned, speedy, and I enjoyed all 3 of them. Did you know that the oldest son in "Don't Tell Mom" is Jackie Coogan's grandson? I didn't until I watched that one. Nice picks! I'll have to watch "Party Girl."
  16. This is the same thing as that one college a little while back that wanted to take Lillian Gish's name off one of the buildings, because she appeared in "Birth of a Nation" back in 1915... right, like the college kids were so upset over her name being on the building. I'd be willing to bet that next to none of them even had any inkling who Miss Gish even was.
  17. I would like to chime in by saying that, as a young person (right between milennials and Gen Z), I am sick and tired of cancel-culture. So, John Wayne said some offensive things back in the early 70s... By their standards, it probably wasn't offensive. I find his comments to be very disrespectful, but I'm not about to "cancel" him on those comments alone. I don't want to sound like I'm justifying what he said at all, but I sometimes think that when we cancel certain public figures as a direct result of something they said or did in the past, it can almost be taken as an attempt to erase or inaccurately portray history.
  18. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Woody gives me strong "creep" vibes, but I try to separate him as a man from him as a director/writer, except with "Manhattan" where he's dating a 17 year old. I like to think of that film as fantasy, because I don't know why any 17 year old girl would date Woody... but maybe that's just me.
  19. no, i saw maybe one trailer, that's it. I just wasn't aware of the release date for some reason; it just didn't stick in my brain
  20. that's unfortunate... I wasn't even aware of the release date for this one. I had no idea it was even out.
  21. I have seen Cry Baby. I liked it; it was a lot of fun I will add Legend of Billie Jean to my watchlist
  22. Someone comes up with 30 questions each month, and everyone's goal is to find a movie that answers each question so that the end result is watching one movie per day. I am very behind lol. And I love Shannen bc of "Charmed" and "Heathers," but even she couldn't save the movie... Jason Lee was VERY annoying in it.
  23. I forgot this site existed here for a little bit, oops. Watched "Mallrats" and "Adventures of Milo and Otis" for my September Scavenger Hunt for my film club, and regretted making that decision. Next month, I'm picking more enjoyable movies; I have 15 movies to finish by the end of this week, and I don't think I can do it.
  24. Rest in peace, Valerie Harper. I always loved watching her on the MTM show; she always made me laugh. 💗
  25. How did you find my imdb page, topbilled...
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