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  1. Considering why this woman does not work at Fox anymore, I don't know why ABC would take her on. As for why Fox fired her,it's too licentious for a family website. You can Google it.
  2. The kids will be adults by the time this is over.
  3. This Ex-football player sounds like trump's kind of guy. So, that's why trump is trying to pawn him off on Georgians. I don't think they're that gullible, now that they have a committed and intelligent senator like Rev. Warnock.
  4. Politico always gets it wrong. They're a mouthpiece for the GQP. Nobody wants to move on until there's accountability, not just for January 6th, but for all of the criminality in the trump administration.
  5. Huckleberry Huckabee didn't get the memo.
  6. 9) A Latin lover, Ricardo Montalban, was Madam X's downfall.
  7. Cary Grant Next: Teamed up with Cary Grant more than once
  8. Compulsion Next: Marjorie Bennett Maidie Norman Dave Willock
  9. 5) I have the movie on a Lana Turner DVD set with "Portrait in Black".
  10. Yes, as usual Miles, you got it. And thanks for the beautiful photos. Buddy and I went to the same University--KU. When I was in grad school he used to make visits to his old fraternity because he was from the Kansas City area, of course on the Kansas side! Miles, for an Easterner, you're a pretty smart cookie, your turn.....
  11. 3) It was the last film appearance for Constance Bennett.
  12. Rosemary DeCamp was in "Look for the Silver Lining" with Lillian Yarbo.
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