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  1. Ok Miles, I'll put on the old 45s-- But this time it's the top 40 in the early 60s before the British Invasion. The singer was somewhat of a Renaissance Marvel. The performer wrote hit songs for a diverse set of top 40 pop artists, while at the same time competing with them in the top 40 with her/his own singing performances on record. To further complicate matters the composer/singer hooked up with one of the top songwriting Duos of the era and had a number of hits with them too. Several of the recording artist's songs where associated with Hollywood movies. One was nominated for the Academy Award. When you identify this composer / singing recording artist, don't forget to list at least one of the performer's hit records, one of the hit records that the performer composed the song for and the hit that was nominated for the Academy Award. Brownie points for naming the talent Duo who also wrote for this very talented singer, who was one of my personal favorites. Miles, something tells me we're into something good. LOL
  2. "..... Walking along like lap dogs Behind a Draft -Dodging Wannabe tinpot dictator." US Senator Tammy Duckworth, A combat- injured Iraq War veteran
  3. " The answer my friend is Blowin' in the Wind The answer is Blowin' the Wind." "For The Times They Are A-Changin' "
  4. Loretta Young Next: The exact opposite thing-- a movie star actress who was the Un- fashion plate of Hollywood before that sort of thing was popular.
  5. A great leader leads unflinchingly and encourages the people continuously.
  6. Tuesday, June 2nd 2020 108, 059-- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  7. House Democrats invite Department of Justice whistleblowers to tell them exactly what US Attorney General Bill Barr is doing that keeps him so busy that he doesn't have time to account to the people's Representatives.
  8. Bunker Donnie, a big man in the hood with the police force the National Guard the Federal Reserves and the Secret Service in tow-- Feeling big and strong after ordering tear gassing and rubber bullets against some high school and college students, little kids with skateboards, and a bunch of middle class white people who were assembling peacefully and having a positive afternoon in the park. American military aircraft flying over DC is designed to intimidate American citizens who were protesting against him really. What's Trump going to do? Nuke the capital of the United States, Washington DC? trump's been spending so much time with Putin, he thinks American citizens are his enemy. But spending time in a bunker sometimes does tend to cause you to lose touch with reality.
  9. Minneapolis Minnesota may be on the hot seat today, but there are 50 states and who knows how many cities in America who probably have some of the same problems as Minneapolis.
  10. *What's all the excitement? What's all the brouhaha? We all have the right to bear arms-- everybody knows we have the right to bear arms. I have guns myself. The issue is you don't need weapons like soldiers use in Afghanistan. I don't know why people are going to lie about the Second Amendment. Everybody's for the Second Amendment--I certainly am. But I don't need Bazookas or Uzis to protect myself. And neither do you.
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