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  1. Louise Closser Hale was in "Dinner at Eight" with May Robson.
  2. Sunday, July 5th 2020 132, 5 6 9-- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  3. As great as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are, it doesn't matter if trump censors them or not. Because there are a number of brilliant American medical doctors who can inform us about the covid-19 pandemic on the legitimate mainstream media. What's important is that people listen to the medical community and respond positively to health officials in their own states and counties. These are the people who are in direct contact with their local situation. When they give you advice and you don't heed that advice you may well live to regret it, one day.
  4. I Have to be honest and say Kim would be an Improvement.😍 And to be truthful, I would honestly have to say that Kanye couldn't be any worse than what we've already got. 💥 In fact, those two friends could do a Co- presidency and make it a 2-ring circus.💫 When you elect a clown, expect a circus. LMREO
  5. Here Mary Trump's lawyer talks about freedom of speech, freedom of publishing and the Public's right to know about public servants. But he cautiously avoids any real conversation or specifics on what the book reveals about The Life and Times of trump within the intimacy of his extended family as Mary L Trump's book will reveal. He said Mary has her own story and she's going to tell it in person.
  6. " Good Morning! "--Gene, Donald and Debbie Next: A musical comedy trio singing/ dancing number with or without taps
  7. Darryl Hickman was in "Keeper of the Flame" with Richard Whorf.
  8. Bonnie and Clyde Next: Another unconventional crime/ gangster movie
  9. Ralph Bellamy was in "The Wolf Man" with Warren William.
  10. Charles Boyer was in "Together Again" with Irene Dunne.
  11. American Graffiti Next: Another movie with music by The Beach Boys
  12. Institutionalized racism, systemic racism has to do with a great many things besides police brutality.
  13. Since both trump and Kanye are unfortunately victims of some kind of a mental illness disability, They both may be getting sympathy votes from some of the same groups of individuals. So, I see both of them as being very similar in a lot of ways besides being friends. I suppose they both have their fans.LOL
  14. Charlotte Granville was in "Behold, My Wife" with Laura Hope Crews.
  15. " Down Argentine Way " Next: A Nicholas Brothers number where they perform with another great tap dancer
  16. trump and his ilk will eventually find out that their Governor George Wallace white supremacist/Law&Order rhetoric will not work on well-educated women who have accepted or lived through the Civil Rights Movement, the Women's Liberation Movement and the Gay Rights Movement. Educated women know how to think for themselves and find logical and truthful media and print sources. Educated women won't be manipulated by trump because-- unlike his poorly educated supporters-- they have prepared themselves to compete on the Level Playing Field and they approve of equality for all. ### worst president ever
  17. The FDA commissioner has to decide who he owes allegiance to-- A washed-up lying New York City realtor, or the American people.
  18. Very true. However, it is the goal of the current Republican party to destroy everything that the Democratic party has accomplished since Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal. It has been a concerted effort of the 1% who have always been against FDR and civil rights for all Americans, to whittle away at our democratic freedoms with extreme right-wing think tanks, political pacs, media, template legislative agendas for all 50 states, gerrymandering ect. For number of decades. And this extreme right-wing Elite has gotten it's support from the poorly educated white lower classes-- who see themselves lost in the emergence of the Level Playing Field if equality eradicates their racist white privilege. trump is only the latest player in this vast game. The mainstream Republicans have gone along with this game for years until it's gotten entirely out of control. As their tacit racism and misogyny has been replaced with trump's crude- loud- vulgar tweets. To put it simply--the moderate Republicans' agenda isn't entirely opposite that of the current GOP of trump and McConnell. What offends the moderates is the lack of Civility, public cover, and the lip service to feminism, equality and civil rights for all that would keep so many of the college-educated white Suburbanites voting Republican. trump is an embarrassment to everyone in both parties, however as long as he can carry out the agenda of the extreme right-wing GOP they're trying to hang on to him. But it's naive to think that it started with him or that he is really the Juggernaut of the whole thing. Birther boy has just been a failed real estate businessman/ network reality TV star, who became the precipitant and the icing on the cake for that 1%.
  19. Miles Malleson was in "Stage Fright" with Richard Todd.
  20. Nana Bryant was in "Theodora Goes Wild" with Spring Byington.
  21. Mildred Dunnock was in "The Trouble with Harry" with Mildred Natwick.
  22. What cruel and insensitive policies in the middle of a pandemic-- Really something only a Narcissistic Sociopath would do.
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