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  1. Unlike Dr. Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx has drunk the Orange Kool-Aid and forsaken the Hippocratic Oath-- Signing off on procedures that will put American Children at Risk at school during a dangerous pandemic.
  2. Lying to Congress is bad. But what Brad Parscale-- trump's former 2020 presidential campaign manager-- did this weekend was a lot worse. He went off in his home, threatening violence and cocked a firearm in front of his wife-- causing her to flee from their home. A realtor in the neighborhood saw the woman's distress and called 911. When Brad came out of the house, he was unarmed but refused to surrender to police. At that point, they took him down. Reportedly he has been involuntarily hospitalized because his wife said he was brandishing firearms an
  3. That's a good question because I'm a longtime fan of both of them. But I think I like to spend time with the dad cuz he could certainly fill me up with a lot of stuff about his own son. Two terrific actors..... Next: Another acting family-- Which Barrymore from all three movie Generations would you like to meet? ( And please don't forget to consider a fine actor who was the father of Drew-- John Drew Barrymore.)
  4. Brigitte, what were you doing when the French were subjugating the Algerian people in their own land of Algeria? What were you doing when some Algerians were actually fighting alongside of the French against their fellow Algerians to keep Algeria a French colony? What were you doing when the French told the Algerians they would always be welcome in France, because the French had made them slaves in their own country? What were you doing when the Algerians were slaughtered on the streets of Paris? A little history goes a long ways-- and so does a little Karma.
  5. Monday, September 28th 2020 209, 808--- Dead Americans From Covid-19
  6. Mickey Most ( Produced recordings for movie performances by Eric Burdon and The Animals.
  7. I just found out about this movie myself. I'm in the process of getting the DVD.
  8. Florida asked for trouble when they elected that ignorant Republican trump -supporting governor.
  9. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump's 500 million dollars-- $500,000,000-- Mystery Debt is a national security risk. We don't know who he owes it to or what he'll do to get rid of it. But from the evidence of the last 4 years it appears that Putin or some oligarchs in Russia or some other Russian moneyed interests own trump Lock Stock & Barrel.
  10. When trump slinked out of that press conference last night at the White House he looked like my golden cocker spaniel when he had the mange. $70,000 and they can't cover that bald spot? I think my father paid the vet $25 and Skippy's hair grew back.
  11. The deceased wife's friend pretends to be her and telegrams the American GI husband about her arrival in New York with the twins. But he has no memory of having been married, much less of having twins.
  12. If you've known this woman all your life, and you claim to be a friend of hers and Care anything about her, Then why don't you pull her aside and talk some sense into her and tell her the truth. People who believe lies and are delusional-- or just naive and poorly educated-- deserve to have a friend set them straight. That's what friends are for.
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