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  1. Eight) He became an actor out of necessity after his wealthy business mogul father committed suicide, while Montgomery was attending private school in Switzerland.
  2. 6) Montgomery became an acclaimed film director with his unique approach of shooting "Lady in the Lake", a noir mystery, from the viewpoint of the protagonist.
  3. " My Kind of Town ( Chicago is) " And Chicago is my favorite city in the Midwest and in the US. Next: A movie song featuring a foreign country
  4. The Aurora Colorado Police drew guns and handcuffed a black mother and her and other young family members because they mistakenly believed the mother was driving a stolen vehicle. Surprisingly, the police did not handcuff the little six-year-old girl who was shown screaming on the pavement. The police chief said the whole thing was a mistake and mix-up. So they've all apologized to the family. But it is too bad that they can't apologize to Elijah McClain. Elijah died a year ago as a result of an apprehension by Aurora Police. The 23 year -old black man was walking home minding his own business when a white person called in to the police saying that Elijah looked suspicious. At that point the Aurora Police intervened and as a result several days later Elijah was dead in the hospital. In the wake of George Floyd's death, protesters in Aurora have forced the governor to reopen the investigation into Elijah's death. To make matters worse, some Aurora police officers made a video making fun of how Elijah was apprehended-- the situation which preceded his death. So now the Aurora Colorado Police Department is being investigated by the state of Colorado -- and none too soon.
  5. 2) He parted company with his actress daughter Elizabeth Montgomery later in life due to his arch conservative views.
  6. He doesn't have a wife anymore. After the tabloids exposed Bezos in an extramarital affair, his wife Mackenzie sued him for divorce. He had to give her $$$$$38 billion dollars.$$$$$ Which now makes her the third richest woman in the world. Now that is, indeed, a fun fact. So now he is only worth, reportedly, 180 billion dollars. Those are the breaks.
  7. 9) He played the doctor in the all-star cast of Universal's "The Wolf Man", starring Lon Chaney Jr.
  8. Evelyn Ankers Next: A perennially popular classic actress or actor who was born in Russia
  9. Mildred Pierce Next: Something by Ben Hecht and/ or Charles MacArthur
  10. 7) Starred in one of James Whale's last movies: Wives Under Suspicion.
  11. Merle Oberon was in "The Cowboy and The Lady" with Gary Cooper.
  12. Joan Hackett was in "The Group" with Shirley Knight.
  13. Below is a trump quote from a recent interview concerning thousands of Americans dying every week from the pandemic: " It is, what it is." ### worst president ever###
  14. All of Wall Street is in the same position and has the same character as the richest man in the room. The successful founder and owner of Amazon is the top representative of our whole economic system of capitalism. Jeff Bezos represents what our country is all about.
  15. trump translation: They made a big mistake when they let women vote-- They made a bigger mistake with the Voting Rights Act when they the insured that all black people could vote-- Voting should only be for people who have property and means. Actually I'm not so sure that people who are not worth at least $$ million dollars should vote at all.
  16. Western Europeans in general value quality over quantity. Americans are the all you can eat people-- It doesn't matter what the quality is. The only thing that matters is that you get a lot of it, it has that strong sugary or salty taste, it looks good because of the artificial dyes and that it's cheap. The United States is a capitalist country which is predominately defined by the willingness to do anything to make money. A country like that is not going to ignore the biggest Market in the world-- no matter what the politics are.
  17. Tuesday, August 4th 2020 160, 290--- Dead Americans from Covid-19 Source, Worldometer
  18. Eight) His most successful production was "A Woman Under the Influence", starring his wife Gena Rowlands. Cassavetes directed and wrote the script. Both husband and wife were nominated for an Academy Award, Gina for best actress and John for best director.
  19. 4) The Defenders ? 11) You Bet Your Life
  20. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Senator Elizabeth Warren & Congresswoman Maxine Waters Are a few good patriotic women who have shown the world how to stand up to bullies, misogynists and white supremacists. They've shown not just their brilliance, but also their courage.
  21. 6) He starred in the classic TV series "Johnny Staccato ", as a jazz pianist who could solve crimes. The series had scintillating pop Jazz by the great Elmer Bernstein!
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