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  1. Ann Sothern appeared in "Words and Music" along with Judy Garland.
  2. 3) Carole was a pioneering movie star who was not owned by a studio once she could call our own shots. She signed picture deals, just like stars do today. And she had her own personal cinematographer Ted Tetzlaff and costumer Travis Banton.
  3. Shutoo-- This is truly a toss-up. Zasu was one of my mom's favorites. But I was always crazy about Aunt Betsey Trotwood-- So it's Edna May--all the way! Next: I love Vaudeville and old radio shows. And two of my favorites there were best friends too-- Jack Benny and George Burns. So who would you pick? The world's greatest violinist or the world's greatest singer?
  4. BTW-- Thanks, I didn't know Betty Hutton had a sister. LOL
  5. Miles, it's been a week now. Could you treat us with another hint?
  6. 1) Carol was married twice: each time to a top male movie star: William Powell and Clark Gable.
  7. 10) Agnes played Jane Eyre's spiteful aunt in the 1943 movie version of the classic novel starring Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles. Next: Carole Lombard
  8. 1) The movie's star, Judy Garland, and the director, Vincente Minnelli, first met on this movie set. They fell in love, got married and had a baby named Liza.
  9. 10) George Stevens won the Best Director Oscar for "Giant". Next: Meet Me In St Louis
  10. Elisabeth Fraser was in "Tunnel of Love" with Gia Scala.
  11. So how does trump's niece and "The Art of The Deal" ghost writer describe trump? These two intimate Observers describe trump as a habitual liar who would be a destitute failure if not for his father's influence and an inheritance of $$$$$ $450, 000, 000 $$$$$.
  12. Barbara Stanwyck was in "Clash by Night" with Robert Ryan.
  13. And now-- America's children are to be offered up for sacrifice on the altar of trump's Narcissistic Sociopathic political goals. First the dangerous and unfortunate forced reopening of the states after the fairly successful lockdown and now the forced reopening of public schools. You could say that trump has no Direct Control over local schools, but his threat is serious because he has threatened to withhold Federal Funding to the public schools who do not completely open in the fall.
  14. Yvonne De Carlo was in "Band of Angels" with Clark Gable.
  15. Americans pay taxes. Americans vote for public servants to distribute their tax dollars for the welfare and betterment of all American citizens. It's time trump learned that doing his job as a public servant is not a favor to another public servant or to the American people-- Whom he has pledged to serve. trump cannot understand this concept because he is a Narcissistic Sociopath. trump can only view every act he's involved in through the prism of his own warped egocentricity. trump's MO is quid pro quo for that very reason. ### worst president ever
  16. Ann Todd was in "The Paradine Case" with Ethel Barrymore.
  17. The dead, the sick, their family and friends, the struggling medical personnel in the hospitals, the struggling unemployed Americans, the struggling governors and their overtaxed state and county health departments-- A little compassion, understanding and a lot of national executive management could go a long ways to ease this National suffering.
  18. Let's see if I can remember them oh, I forgot all about this it's been so long ago. LOL 1) The Bee Gees wrote "To Love Somebody" for the great soul singer Otis Redding. But he died in a plane crash and never got to record it. So the Bee Gees decided to record it themselves and they had a very big hit record with it. 2) The Beatles started out playing in The Cavern Club in Liverpool where the hat check girl was Cilla Black. They wrote several hits for this great female singer: "Love of the Loved " and "It's For You". Cilla became a very popular presenter on British television. Unfortunately she died several years ago. 3) Yesterday being Ringo's birthday, I think I was just posting that Jackie DeShannon opened for the Beatles when I saw them in 64. This beautiful singer also was a composer and wrote "When You Walk in the Room", which was recorded by another Liverpool group, The Searchers. And Jackie co- wrote a song about my favorite actress called : "Bette Davis Eyes". Wow! 4) Miles, give yourself some credit because you answered this one with Brian Wilson and Jan Berry--the number one song was "Surf City" and then they followed it up with "Drag City", both recorded by Jan and Dean. "Two Girls for Every Boy" LMREO! Those certainly were the days. 5) The answer here is all about Motown-- Smokey Robinson was the lead singer for The Miracles and Ronald White was one of the original co-founding members. Just like all of these other busy hit-making artists and composers, they found time not only to write for their own group, but also to write for another top Motown group, The Temptations. Smokey and Ronald wrote and produced the big hit "My Girl" for The Temptations. My favorite song that Smokey wrote for another Motown group was " Don't Mess With Bill ", sung by The Marvelettes. Of course, Bill was William Robinson or Bill Robinson oh, that's Smokey not Bojangles. I tried to do right by all three of my top genres of teeny bopper music with this question-- West Coast, British Invasion and Motown-- Rock and Soul from the 60s. Miles-- Neil Diamond and Boyce and Hart did a great job with the Monkees and the Prefab 4 had some good sounding records-- "The Last Train to Clarksville" being the best one. Thanks for playing and don't make your question this hard please! Miles, you're back in the saddle again.....
  19. I love Lillian and her sister Dorothy Gish in "The Orphans of the Storm" with the backdrop of the French Revolution. My favorite story about Lillian is how she paid for DW Griffith's funeral. Griffith died broke, alone and forgotten. But that's the story of a lot of people in Hollywood, particularly people who came from the silent era and who could not make the transition to sound.
  20. Bette was in "Dead Ringer " with Peter Lawford.
  21. Thursday, July 9th 2020 135, 822--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  22. Birth of a Nation has always proven to be a dilemma for Cinema people. When I was in grad school taking the History of American Film, I was overwhelmed by the advanced technology and artistic ability which DW Griffith demonstrated in this film. While at the same time we were also taught about the results of such a hateful well done vehicle in terms of promoting the advancement of a domestic terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan, and the lynching of innocent black Americans. No one ever said that a great artist had to be moral or on the right side of history.
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