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  1. " Lover Come Back To Me "--New Moon Next: A love duet from a Rodgers and Hammerstein movie musical
  2. Eddie Albert was in "The Sun Also Rises" with Errol Flynn.
  3. Peggy Ashcroft was in "The Nun's Story" with Audrey Hepburn.
  4. That never stopped Pence from lying in the past.
  5. They're trying to get their lies straight.
  6. But not committed to saving lives. 195, 820--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  7. Michael York was in "Fedora" with William Holden.
  8. Judy was "In the Good Old Summertime" with Liza Minnelli.
  9. 😎 Jean-Louis did a fabulous job on this movie as he did for all the Ross Hunter / Lana Turner vehicles. Unfortunately, he had to get it all in for the first half of the film because it was that kind of movie.
  10. Shirley Temple was in "Little Miss Broadway" with George Murphy.
  11. Clara Bow was in "Children of Divorce" with Gary Cooper.
  12. For years I listened to Tony Randall on the Texaco Metropolitan Opera Quiz-- nobody could beat him. I learned a lot about Opera just by listening to his answers. ### I haven't seen much of Alain Delon except for a couple of movies and in a TV series that I liked a lot. I understand that he was a longtime movie Idol in France. Ironically, although Gerard Philipe did not live that long, I've seen a lot more of his movies. And I've heard and I've read a lot more about him as an actor and as an individual. He inspired a number of French actors we have today to go into the profession
  13. The Proud and the Beautiful The Chase The Fallen Idol La Symphonie Pastorale Two Tickets to London
  14. I think we'll stick with Cary Grant. At one time Cary Grant was married to a very rich lady-- a box store heiress --who had a lot of nickels and dimes.
  15. Carole Lombard was was in "True Confession" with John Barrymore.
  16. Trump-- " The virus has nothing to do with me. It's not my fault." -- trump's own words-- Legally taped by Bob Woodward
  17. Wednesday, September 9th 2020 195, 239--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  18. Then they can defend the rape charges against trump-- Bill Barr shouldn't have to do it all by himself.
  19. What, waited for more lies more racist threats and more misogynistic Behavior?
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