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  1. trump hates Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela-- I wonder why? You can touch "expand" if you really don't know why or you can touch "expand" if you simply want to see another reason why The Central Park 5/ birther never disappoints.
  2. Tuesday, September 8th 2020 194, 032--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  3. Above is a video of NBC's Lester Holt interviewing former trump Insider Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen was trump's lawyer and fix it man for 12 years. Cohen describes trump as a cult leader. In his Memoir, "Disloyal", published by Simon & Schuster, Cohen describes trump's racism, his payoffs to Stormy Daniels, and how he helped trump to inflate his wealth for media accounts. Cohen wants Americans to know that based on his 12 year working knowledge of trump that he believes trump would do anything to stay in office-- which would include starting a war involving the Un
  4. Money always talks. And it is certainly what fuels the economy in a capitalistic country. There comes a time when any service or product, which is produced to make money, has to think about widening their target audience and their marketing base. I'm sure they hope to keep the people they already have, but New Blood brings in new money and more money and that's the name of the game. Excluding people that you don't agree with or who have an exceedingly more diverse and open taste than you -- is not necessarily a good marketing strategy in a capitalistic society. Show me
  5. trump supporters are fueling the pandemic
  6. Pulitzer Prize- winning Washington Post editor/ columnist Eugene Robinson says: " trump is shouting his racism. He must be stopped. " The truth of the matter is that aside from Republican office holders and political and business operatives making money off the Administration, The only voters trump has left in the United States are racists. When we see how many votes he gets, we'll have a fairly good counting of how many people in this country are truly, and profoundly racist. Now, trump has no voters in the general population except people who are gen
  7. Carolyn Jones was in "King Creole" with Dolores Hart.
  8. The police are now after them, but unfortunately the boyfriend has been wounded during the police chase.
  9. Incriminating stories/ Drunken lies
  10. " Shanghai Lil "-- Footlight Parade Next: Another movie tap number with either James Cagney or Ruby Keeler
  11. Monday, September 7th 2020 193, 534--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  12. Coronavirus Insulting the military And now the destruction of the US Postal Service-- If those individuals adversely affected by these unnecessary-- but very tragic situations, still want to vote for trump-- Then there are quite a few Choice words, which could describe them. But I would just say that I feel very sorry for them.
  13. One of my favorite writers is closely associated with Hugh Auchincloss too-- Gore Vidal. Gore's mother was married to Hugh before Jackie's mother married him. Apparently both Gore and Jackie had the same bedroom-- at different times--as being the step child in the marriage.
  14. 9) Sinatra is a nightclub singer in this film and sings the song that he will be forever associated with: "One For My Baby "-- but I always called the song-- "It's a quarter to three....."
  15. If you read the thread correctly, Lav has awarded Miles with the next turn-- because he earned it by giving the right answers.
  16. Outright confession here: I was in love with Dickie Dawson when I was in high school-- or I should really say Newkirk in "Hogan's Heroes". No hindsight here, Bob Crane always gave me the creeps. Next: In college my favorite sitcom was "The Odd Couple". OK-- Who are you going to pick: Jack Klugman or Tony Randall?
  17. Sexism and racism flung at the vice presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. The United States is once again showing the world what a backward country it is.
  18. The Godfather Part III Next: A pairing of two stars-- previously successful-- but bombed out in this one
  19. Joan Leslie was an "Repeat Performance" with Tom Conway.
  20. Madame X( Lana Turner) Next: A movie with "Mr." in the title
  21. 7) Three of the major cast members-- Doris Day, Gig Young and Elisabeth Fraser were reunited in Gene Kelly's romantic comedy "The Tunnel of Love" in 1958.
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