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  1. Friday, May 29th 2020 104, 542-- Dead Americans from Covid-19 Source, Worldometer
  2. Racism shining brightly on Fox-- They know what Their audience wants.
  3. -- On a thick air foam mattress covered with fresh down feathers inside her coffin.
  4. trumps inaction during the first crucial months of the year concerning the Coronavirus is evidence of this-- Calling it a hoax and saying it was no worse than the flu. Those over 100,000+ Americans were still alive then. Even though he was getting good advice from advisors and federal agencies, he downplayed the pandemic because he was afraid of upsetting the stock market and the economy, which he viewed as key to his re-election bid. So, pouring gasoline on a volatile racially- charged situation is no problem for this president, if it will get him votes from his racist base.
  5. In trying to scapegoat China and the World Health Organization for his own lack of action in protecting the United States from the pandemic, trump is endangering people everywhere, of course including Americans, by cutting off aid to The WHO.
  6. Our country????? she wasn't born here, and she more than likely was working on a tourist visa when she first got here. Therefore she may not even legally be an American citizen. This woman has a lot of nerve. But for a foreigner born in Slovenia to think that she can call out the President of the United States as not being an American-- When President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to a white woman who was a native of Kansas with ancestors who fought in the Civil War!-- Well, by George , That Already shows she has more nerve than any naked model should be allowed to have. Nerve no doubt that she called on when she stole Michelle Obama's speech and tried to pass it off as her own. Well you have to give her credit, Melania does have a lot of nerve.
  7. " As Time Goes By " Next: Another song from "Casablanca"
  8. 6) The popularity of the movie made it a pop cultural item. Faye Dunaway's costuming in the film became fashionable and several pop songs were recorded. The most popular song was "The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" by Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames. It hit #1 on the UK charts.
  9. The Absent-Minded Professor NEXT: Your favorite childhood movie star
  10. That looks like some border patrol agents don't have a lot of respect for scientific evidence.
  11. trumps white supremacist double standard is understandable since he's a racist. But it's still unconscionable that a president of the United States would promote violence against American citizens. But trump's Central Park 5/ birther history-- Not to mention the Nixon administration's justice department citing him for racial discrimination against black citizens in his housing units-- characterizes him as a hardcore active racist who is incapable of treating non-whites with respect and fairness.
  12. Well, when you have The Central Park 5/ birther as President, There's really nothing else left to be said.
  13. La femme d'a cote'-- Truffaut's "The Woman Next Door" Next: Your favorite Japanese film
  14. Getting away with murder is more serious than any crime against property.
  15. trump's Incredible Shrinking Economy.....
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