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  1. Yup. I think that's why they kicked him off CNN. But he's a perfect fit for the RNC.
  2. The fool still thinks he's president or maybe he's going for the insanity plea.
  3. Ginger Rogers singing "I'll Be Hard To Handle" in "Roberta". Next: Ginger singing another song in an Astaire- Rogers musical
  4. Volkswagen (Yes, I think I remembered it right.)
  5. Yes, spot on Lav. And I had the good fortune of having seen their first Broadway show together, "Promises Promises" at the Schubert Theater. Lav, We're on a roll.....
  6. What Hitchcock movie harkens back to his childhood and can you explain why?
  7. "Hang down your head Tom Dooley Hang down your head and cry"
  8. "Bowl of spaghetti turning round and round and we used to have channel numbers"? Is Nurse Ratched on coffee break?
  9. Bagel, do you have any hints? And, by the way, it's good to see you again.
  10. Next: We'll stick with these teenage Top 40 prime time music variety shows. One of these shows in the 1960s featured a choreographer and his top dancer. What made these dance professionals so special is that they went on to Broadway and they did several shows with him as choreographer, and her as head dancer. One of their shows became so iconic and successful, that it representative New York City as well as Broadway to the public in the 70s. When you identify the choreographer and the dancer, please list the 1960s teenage music /variety TV show and their iconic Broadwa
  11. You know I love that genre of film with Boris Karloff. The one you mentioned is a good one and I think it'll work for this question, even though that wasn't the one I was thinking about. Lav, You can take it away. It's good to get this thread up and moving again.
  12. A Great Dancer. I met him once at a Kansas City Ballet master class. I was starstruck. By all accounts, he was a regular guy who worked closely with the New York cultural community to encourage children, and especially boys, to dance. Along with Edward Villella, he was one of Balanchine's male dancers who the choreographer used to introduce a strong masculine presence into American Ballet.
  13. Swith, Give us another clue. Maybe somebody else can answer this one, because I don't have a clue.LOL
  14. "Dick Clark's Saturday Night Beechnut Show" I remember this because I really loved that gum. It was fruity and had a kind of kick in it. The show was a prerunner to stuff like "Shindig". He had all the top 40 recording artists on there. It was usually lip sync. But I swear people like The Everlys really did sing!
  15. The scientist contacts a former colleague, to join him in his research.
  16. No, I'm working strictly in chronological order. But I will tell you that a major cast member of the film is in the film you listed. BTW--I don't think any of the classic Frankenstein films show that they are taking place in England.
  17. Joan Fontaine won the 1942 Best Actress Academy Award for "Suspicion". It was believed to be a "sympathy/mistake"award for her previous performance in Hitchcock's 1940, "Rebecca".
  18. Next: A scientist in England works on some obscure experiments in an out of the way place because he's been kicked out of academia.
  19. Larry Parks was in "The Jolson Story" with William Demarest.
  20. You can't go wrong with this number. Goes to show George Murphy was a much better tap dancer than they gave him credit for. Star, thanks for the video and keep up the good work. You're on.....
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