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  1. Greer Garson was in "Random Harvest" with Ronald Colman.
  2. " But I would not feel so all alone. Everybody must get stoned. "
  3. Fred Astaire was in "Carefree" with Ralph Bellamy.
  4. Next: A cricket test match is a MacGuffin in what Hitchcock movie? Also please explain why and the characters involved.
  5. Gone with the Wind ( Bonnie Blue Butler dies just like Scarlett's father.) Next: A Dysfunctional Family
  6. They knew he was a snake when they took him in.
  7. When did Hugo Chavez rise from the dead?
  8. Sunday, November 22nd 2020 262, 696--- Dead Americans From Covid-19
  9. I believe it was Swith who told us that the rats in New York City have resorted to cannibalism in the wake of all the restaurants and cafes closing in New York City due to the pandemic. It looks like the Republican party is about to do the same thing.
  10. Organic eggs, cage-free eggs, caged eggs , brand name eggs, grocery store eggs, generic eggs, eggs with antibiotics, eggs without antibiotics, eggs with hormones, eggs without hormones, Eggs with hormones and antibiotics, Eggs without hormones and antibiotics, Vegetarian eggs, Free range eggs, Pastured eggs with twice as much omega-3's-- like Eggland's-- those are the kind I eat from vegetarian-fed hens with no added hormones or antibiotics-- within that group they have organic, cage-free and conventional
  11. Yeah, and Eliot Ness should have just let Al Capone go scot-free. Nobody is above the law.
  12. Egg maybe a generic term-- But all eggs are not created equal. It's stupid to make General comments about any one food unless you have scrutinized exactly how that food is created and/ or what has been added or what has not been added to it.
  13. Dick Powell Next: Turned their back on Hollywood at the height of their career
  14. Patty Duke Next: A movie star who scored big in a TV miniseries
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