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  1. Spencer Charters was in "The Raven" (1935) with Samuel S Hinds.
  2. I think catching covid-19 because somebody around you in public did not have a mask on and was not social distancing is definitely going to be a penalty for somebody. If there are no fines or penalties involved, then there's no requirement, then what's the use? Like we can encourage everybody not to go into the banks and hold them up with a gun demanding money. But if there's no penalty if you're caught doing it, so what's the use? LMREO
  3. Free stuff -- Like the Free food pantries that so many unemployed Americans are lining up for in their cars because the pandemic is out of control putting people out of work -- because of a lack of executive leadership on the national level. trump's covid-19 hoax certainly has left a lot of Americans hungry, unemployed.......... and Dead.
  4. trump translation-- Racism is not a problem for me, Peter Navarro or any of my other friends so why the f*** should we care about it. We have more important things to be concerned about like tax breaks for corporate donors and the viability of the stock market.
  5. The founding fathers were too busy marrying ladies who had inherited slaves as property to worry about slavery.
  6. Tuesday, July 7th 2020 133, 972--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  7. Under Trump's mismanagement of the covid-19 pandemic, Americans have gone-- From being the Envy of the world-- To being the pitiful in the world.
  8. Franchot Tone was in "Advise and Consent" with Don Murray.
  9. The confederates were traitors who fought to destroy the United States of America. When you fly the confederate flag, we all know what you stand for. ### worst president ever
  10. Well, after all, her goal is to destroy public education.
  11. Gladys Cooper was in "Rebecca" with Florence Bates.
  12. " Oh, What a Beautiful Morning! " Next: Shirley Jones solo from one of her many musical movie triumphs
  13. Ann Shoemaker was in "My Favorite Wife" with Gail Patrick.
  14. Mary will have her say. And apparently Mary has a lot to say. She has known trump personally for over 50 years. It will be interesting to compare her personal knowledge of him with his public self-- which has been well documented in his public behavior, statements and policies.
  15. I think if we could hear from George Floyd today he might disagree with Peter Navarro.
  16. " Moon River"--Sung by Andy Next: A Johnny Mercer song that he wrote with Harold Arlen
  17. Joseph Cotten co-starred in "I'll Be Seeing You" with Ginger Rogers.
  18. I'm truly amazed today at how excited and interested young people are in The Beatles and their music. The Beatles were the quintessential part of my adolescence and growing up. But today I too am still amazed at how good the music still sounds. Richard Starkey was the best drummer that the Beatles ever had and the best drummer for The Beatles. Sometimes when you stay in the background and your contribution is making everybody else look good-- Well then, sometimes you're ignored. But that never happened with Ringo because he was the most popular Beatle with the most comedic natural ability on-and-off screen. Happy 80th Birthday to Ringo-- My favorite Beatle You made Dingle Vale very proud and very famous.
  19. It's only been in recent years that the direct mixed race/ black descendants of Thomas Jefferson were allowed or invited to attend the family reunions at Monticello. Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson's slave mistress, who gave birth to his mixed-race children, was also his sister-in-law, because she was the half sister of his first wife, Martha Skelton. Go figure that one.... So these mixed race black descendants were related to Thomas Jefferson and to his first wife, as well. When you actually study the truth of American history, You start to realize how complicated and involved our American mythological- cultural society is.
  20. I kind of thought you were a champion debater. I never took debate in High School because I knew I would never want to defend a position that I thought was immoral, indecent or just disgusting.
  21. James-- I bet you got a lot of trophies in high school debate and had your photo up there in that debate room with all those trophies. Did you ever go to Nationals?
  22. Yeah, I didn't know whether or not you'd get a chance to see what I wrote. Can you imagine that, President Obama actually taught constitutional law for over a decade at the University of Chicago Law School. That's why he was the kind of president who actually knew what his duties were and what was constitutional and what was not.
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