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  1. I love Lillian and her sister Dorothy Gish in "The Orphans of the Storm" with the backdrop of the French Revolution. My favorite story about Lillian is how she paid for DW Griffith's funeral. Griffith died broke, alone and forgotten. But that's the story of a lot of people in Hollywood, particularly people who came from the silent era and who could not make the transition to sound.
  2. Bette was in "Dead Ringer " with Peter Lawford.
  3. Thursday, July 10th 2020 135, 822--- Dead Americans from Covid-19
  4. Birth of a Nation has always proven to be a dilemma for Cinema people. When I was in grad school taking the History of American Film, I was overwhelmed by the advanced technology and artistic ability which DW Griffith demonstrated in this film. While at the same time we were also taught about the results of such a hateful well done vehicle in terms of promoting the advancement of a domestic terrorist organization, the Ku Klux Klan, and the lynching of innocent black Americans. No one ever said that a great artist had to be moral or on the right side of history.
  5. Ferdinand Gottschalk was in "Berkeley Square" with Alan Mowbray.
  6. Jane Bryan was in "Invisible Stripes" with Flora Robson.
  7. Cary Grant was in "Sylvia Scarlett" with Brian Ahern.
  8. Greer Garson was in "Random Harvest" with Ronald Colman.
  9. (It's) " Literally a matter of life and death".....
  10. Dorothy Granger was in "HonkyTonk" with Veda Ann Borg.
  11. Who would have thought that after GOP leaders like Ronald Reagan and the two Bush presidents that the Republican Party might end up as only a fringe party of conspiracy fanatics? But in 1964 the Republican party opened up a Pandora Box of deep-seated hatred covered with pseudo-morality. The likes of which it is still reaping the side effects-- like a perennial curse.
  12. Dick Van Dyke was in "Bye Bye Birdie" with Janet Leigh.
  13. " It Had To Be You "-- Incendiary Blond NEXT: A torch song from a movie actress depicting a real torch singer
  14. Mamie Van Doren was in "High School Confidential" with John Drew( Barrymore).
  15. Ina Claire was in "The Greeks Had A Word for Them" with Madge Evans.
  16. trump's a profound threat to the lives all Americans, which of course includes American children. ### worst president ever
  17. The "Law & Order" president is finding out that no one is above the law.
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